AMLO assures that the mask will not be mandatory for those attending his report in the Zócalo

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador indicated that “people are very responsible”, so there will be no imposition of biosafety measures in his event on Wednesday, December 1 in the Zocalo of the city of mexico, where he will deliver a speech on the occasion of his third anniversary of the taking of protest What Republic President.

In his morning lecture, which on this occasion was held at the Mexico City City Hall Palace, the president said that the use of face masks will not be a mandatory requirement.

He indicated that he will be accompanied by leaders, governors and federal legislators of his party, Brunette.

“They are all invited, people are very responsible, and here they are all vaccinated and those who are going to come will surely come vaccinated, they are going to take care of themselves. The people here have always known how to take care of themselves and the governors, legislators, leaders and especially the special guests, spoiled, are the citizens, the townspeople who have not seen each other for a long time, as it will be tomorrow ”, Indian.

López Obrador asserted that in the first massive event that he has led in the Zócalo since the beginning of the pandemic In February 2020, there will be music by children from Oaxaca, mariachis, jaraneros, and the singer will perform Maria Ines Ochoa.

“There will be music, yesterday that I was in Oaxaca, some children from some bands asked me if they wanted to play here. They asked me first that when the airport opens, but hey, it’s still missing, it’s until March 21, we’re going to invite children’s bands when we open, ”he said.

López Obrador reiterated that his government does not impose biosecurity measures on citizens such as curfews that were ordered in European countries, mainly.

“Remember, since the pandemic began, we are against authoritarianism, we have always been against authoritarianism,” said López Obrador, assuring that the use of face masks will not be required in his event of this December 1st. “He who wants to wear a mask can do it, he protects himself if he considers it, he can do it,” he said.

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