Ambassador Bridge camera offers a ‘bird’s eye view’ of two hawks

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You could say that it is a bird’s eye view.

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A camera atop the Ambassador Bridge recently captured a snapshot of two hawks perched on top of the bridge, both appearing to be posing for the shot with Windsor in the background, shared on social media this week.

It is one of the few hawk sightings atop the bridge’s towers in the past year, said the bridge’s general manager, Randy Spader.

“We’ve had a few posts from smaller hawks, but this is the first we’ve seen the larger ones and they were both there, looking directly at the camera,” Spader said of the post that attracted several comments on social media.

The cameras are normally used for operations for the purpose of monitoring traffic, Spader said, although from time to time they take a photo that is popular with the public. Spader said they are inviting people to suggest some names for the feathered friends.

Some of the best suggestions so far? Woodward and Ouellette, Windsor and Detroit, and Wingo Starr and Chick Jagger.

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