Amazon confirms delivery station coming to Windsor

Amazon Canada has confirmed a delivery station, not a fulfillment center, is coming to Windsor.

Dave Bauer, head of communications for Amazon Canada, says it’s called DLC8 and will be located at Dodge Drive in Windsor. It’s a new street, formerly 4001-4141 Plymouth Drive.

The station will be on 27.05 acre parcel of vacant land. Amazon purchased the land on April 1, 2022.

Amazon has not yet released a launch date of the site or how many jobs it will create.

Bauer says before customer delivery, boxes packaged at Amazon’s customer fulfillment sites travel via Amazon’s transportation network, called the middle mile, while delivery to a customer’s doorstep is referred to as the last mile.

Packages leaving fulfillment centers are transported by Amazon’s freight and air networks, then land at one of Amazon’s sort centers, where they’re sorted by postal code before going to a delivery station.

Delivery stations power the last mile of Amazon’s order fulfillment process. Packages are transported to delivery stations from Amazon fulfillment and sortation centers, and then loaded into vehicles for delivery to customers.

More details coming.

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