Amazon 2021 Event Roundup: Everything Not Available in Canada [VIDEOS]

Amazon held a special event today, announcing its upcoming products in the near future. The virtual event unveiled numerous products and devices, with just the Echo Show 15 coming to Canada soon. Every fall Amazon introduces a ton of new updates, and it can be hard to keep up with all of them, so here we are.

The company’s smart home devices continue to grow, with customers connecting more than 200 million to Alexa and “millions of new devices each month.” More than 17 million customers use Ring to protect their homes.

According to a spokesperson for Amazon Canada, only the Echo Show 15 and a few upcoming Alexa updates will be arriving here right now. All other products listed below are directed to the US only. Here’s a quick rundown of what was announced …

Amazon’s 2021 event in 60 seconds

Full replay of Amazon events

Astro Robot

Amazon star

Part of the Ediciones Día 1 program of the company, Astro costs $ 999 USD and it’s by invitation only. Astro is “designed to bring our most ambitious ideas to life,” Amazon says. Astro works with Alexa and can be used for applications like home monitoring, taking advantage of computer vision, artificial intelligence, and hardware and software in one.

Astro appears to be the children’s version of the T-1000. Watch out for John Connor.

Alexa together

Alexa together

Alexa Together costs $ 19.99 per month or $ 199 per year and it is a service that helps care for elderly family members.

Blink Floodlight Cam and Blink Solar Panel Mount

Blink reflector cam blink solar

New from Blink is the Floodlight Camera for $ 139.98 USD and Solar + camera mount for $ 129.98 USD.

Flashing Video Doorbell

Flashing video doorbell

The new Blink Video Doorbell is $ 49.99 USD and can be installed with or without cables. HD video, night vision, motion detection, two-way audio and alerts integrated with Alexa.

Amazon says that in 2021 they sold “three times more Blink devices than we did in 2019.”

Virtual Ring Security Guard

This new subscription service allows an outside security company to monitor your Ring cameras. The first partner is Rapid Response in the USA, from $ 99 USD per month.

Ring workplace safety

Ring workplace safety

With a Ring Protect Plan, the new Ring workplace safety monitors your construction site over a cellular connection, with solar or battery powered cameras. Available at Home Depot for $ 399.99 USD.

Ring Alarm Pro

Buzzer alarm pro

Ring Alarm Pro is $ 249.99 and “it’s packed with computing power, which allowed us to build the Ring Edge. With Ring Edge, Protect Plan subscribers can insert a microSD card into Alarm Pro and have all their Ring cameras process and store video locally. “Ring Alarm Pro has a built-in Wi-Fi 6 eero router and includes alarm and motion detectors. .

Ring Always Home Cam

Camera prices always at home

the Always camera at home was unveiled in 2020, but now the prices have been revealed in $ 249.99 USD, with guest lists open today for the cool autonomous flying security camera.

Halo Nutrition and Halo Fitness

Halo Nutrition will arrive in early 2022, as part of a Halo membership, to allow customers to eat better and develop healthy habits. Halo Fitness offers studio-quality workouts with real-time metrics. Coming in 2021 for Halo members (sounds like Apple’s Fitness +).

Halo view

Halo view

Halo View fitness band comes with an AMOLED color screen and is priced at $ 79.99 and seven days of battery life.

Amazon glow

Amazon glow

Amazon glow It is an interactive tabletop device with an 8 ”LCD screen and can project a 19” touch sensitive area. Glow is essentially a learning tool that can scan objects, price of $ 249.99 USD by invitation only.

Includes 1-year subscription to Kids +. The SDK will be available to developers in the first half of 2022.

Amazon Smart Thermostat

Amazon Smart Thermostat

The new Amazon Smart Thermostat is Energy Star certified and costs $ 59.99 USD. Works with most 24V HVAC systems. May be cheaper after utility provider rebates, up to $ 10 or free.

Other announcements:

  • “Hello Disney!” – new voice assistant built with Alexa technology for use at home or at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel
  • Mickey Mouse Inspired Stand for Echo Show 5 from Otterbox.
  • New Amazon Kids + Programs available worldwide: Do, Re & Mi; The new mobile game Super Spy Ryan; ARPO robot nanny; LEGO Monkie Kid

While it is not impossible to buy these US-exclusive Amazon products, if you have an ‘Amerifriend’ it may take a year or more for some of these new items to arrive in Canada, if they ever do.

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