Alicia Cervantes, projection and stability with a scoring title

Alicia cervantes She started earning 1,500 pesos at the beginning of the Liga MX Femenil, she is one of the soccer players who has raised her voice so that this branch has better working conditions. Four years later these claims have already taken effect, one of them is that the scoring championship, for which this Apertura 2021 tournament has been awarded, acquires more and more relevance due to the opportunity to make a player’s career profitable and have better projections in other clubs.

With 17 goals, one every 87 minutes, the 27-year-old, Alicia cervantes, became the scoring champion of the tournament Opening 2021. It was the first time that a soccer player from the Chivas obtained this achievement.

In men’s soccer, be the scoring champion of the MX League it serves to increase the value of the footballers’ card, and although this is still non-existent in the women’s circuit, the advancement of the contest has allowed the players to also benefit from individual achievements such as this title.

To find out how a soccer player makes this distinction profitable, The Economist consulted Guillermo Terán, representative agent in Player 12, a company specialized in women’s soccer and whose portfolio of players includes Alison González, scoring champion of the tournament Closing 2021.

“In the sporting aspect, for players in attacking positions, having a scoring championship gives them one more argument to continue positioning themselves in their professional career and that they can have opportunities for growth, such as finding a club with a greater aspiration or seeking offers abroad. This type of recognition helps the player to be observed with greater interest by other clubs ”, explained the specialist, who also added that greater interest is generated from the National Team.

Not only that, but a scoring championship can be made profitable through the performance bonuses that some clubs, which are usually among the elite, already include in their contracts. In the Player 12 agency, different players receive incentives for minutes played, assists, goals, among others.

We always fight because the player’s contract has this bonus component, especially because we understand that it is part of a challenging element for the player, that is, that she knows that her job is not limited to fulfilling and that’s it, ”said Terán.

In the commercial aspect, the agent indicates that brands increasingly want these players, who have greater exposure, to relate to their companies, so “if you are a scoring champion, you will most likely receive a sponsorship offer from input, that this represents that you will be able to have support for all your sportswear, soccer shoes are the fundamental and the basics “, said the agent.

Even some contracts with the same sponsors also include certain bonuses for specific achievements, such as the scoring championship, which strengthens the commercial benefit, since in addition to the fixed sponsorship under contract they also provide additional incentives.

Alicia cervantes is sponsored by Nike and has more than 69,000 followers on his social networks. Furthermore, from the era of Monica Vergara, received his first call to the senior National Team, where he scored a goal in Mexico’s last friendly match against Canada.


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