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September 26, 2021 will be fixed in the Spanish motorsport calendar as a date for history. Álex Palou became the first national champion of the IndyCar in his second season in the competition. An achievement that few saw coming a few months ago and that, however, was advanced by another motor myth such as Fernando Alonso. The 24-year-old boy who had to modify his dreams ended up playing the hit in Long Beach in a reward for all the work of the last summers.

Palou and Alonso’s careers have some coincidences. Among them that they started in the world of karting, their dream for Formula 1 and, above all, that they were discovered and supported by Adrian Campos, passed away last January in a great loss for the world of Spanish motorsport. These are just some of the reasons for their connection, as well as their match in the Indianapolis 500 held last year.

Alonso knows him well and was quick to grasp his potential. In statements made on July 8, the Asturian driver already knew that Álex Palou was going to be IndyCar champion despite the many races that were ahead. “A Álex Palou i see it champion in Indy and I was very happy for him. Having a young Spaniard who triumphs in Indy Car is good for everyone, “explained the Alpine man, who months later has seen his ‘prophecy’ confirmed.

The Chip Ganassi Racing driver, like Alonso, dreamed of Formula 1. The Asturian achieved his goal and has even managed to get a second chance that is surprising everyone. Palou, however, was not so lucky and did not take long to realize that many dreams are dreams. The Catalan looked for other ways to be able to live on the circuits and after competing in various championships such as the Spanish Formula 3 or the Japanese got the IndyCar gift. He started at Dale Coyne Racing and has finished champion with Ganassi. His resignation from Formula 1 It has allowed him to make history.

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Thus, Álex Palou puts the finishing touch to a great season. The pilot himself highlighted his pride in having managed to make history, but he already set goals as soon as the race was over. “Now it’s time to celebrate, then rest, and then go for another championship, “he said in a statement to Efe. The Catalan recalled that winning the IndyCar was “special” because it was “a dream I had to fulfill“And the fact that it wasn’t easy at all made it more valuable.

“There has been a moment in a curve that is very tight here in Long Beach where there has been an incident and we were just two cars behind, we have hit the car in front and behind, we have been in a sandwich, but we got out of it“, he acknowledged in the same statements. Finally, and with almost 15 laps to go to the end of the race, Álex Palou already knew that he was mathematically champion of the IndyCar. The first in the history of Spain, the third under 25 in the history of the competition.

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