Alert for a telephone scam to older people that supplants Health

  • The National Police asks that personal data not be provided if they call from the Citizen Service Office

The Ministry of Health has detected a scam call campaign which aims to supplant the identity of the Citizen Service Office of the Ministry. As reported through a statement, cases of this fraud have been discovered since the day April 19thalthough the National Police has shared the alert again this week on their social networks.

Health has insisted that “No calls or text messages are made from the telephone number of the Citizen Service Office (901400100)”so he has asked that whoever receives a call from this number reject it and “do not provide any type of personal data”.

When in doubt, check

To dispel any type of doubt regarding these calls, the authorities have requested that the Citizen Service Office be contacted directly, either through the available email ([email protected]) or through the contact mailbox of the administration.

A type of widespread deception

The Ministry of Health number scam is not an isolated event. The Internet Security Office (OSI), in fact, defines the technique that cybercriminals have used as ‘vishing‘. This is an increasingly common modus operandi and similar to the phishing‘ which is practiced, above all, to elderly people. The criminal “impersonates the identity of a business, organization or even of a trusted personin order to get personal information of their victims”, explains OSI on your doorstep.

Thus, scammers often say that they are part of a renowned body, institution or company through a call with the aim of gaining the trust of the person who receives the call and then steal your data or money.

Tips to avoid it

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One way to keep up to date with the different frauds is to consult the accounts of the National Police, where they warn about the most common scams that are detected. In addition, due to the danger of data theft through the network, the Twitter profile of the police force regularly publishes cyber security tips.

The most recent, asks to frequently review the privacy options from social networks and clean up unknown contacts.

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