• The Murcian tennis player prevails in an epic battle against De Miñaur and the Asturian defeats Schwartzman

  • The final will be held no earlier than 5:30 p.m., since the ATP requires a minimum break of two hours.

Carlos Alcaraz Y Pablo Carreno the title will be played in Barcelona, ​​after winning, in the semifinals, the Murcian tennis player against the Australian Alex DeMinaur 6-7 (4), 7-6 (4) and 6-4 and the Spaniard against the Argentine Diego Schwartzmann by 6-3 and 6-4. It will be a match between the little brother and the older one, as they recognize themselves by their friendship from many training sessions. It will be the twelfth Spanish final of the tournament since Rafael Nadal Y Nicholas Almagro they played the last one in 2013. Alcaraz and Carreño will play the title that they won for the 12th time Nadal last year. One of the two will be the 14th Spanish champion of the tournament since Andrew Gimeno he first won in 1960.

“It has been a miracle.A very ‘up and down’ game. Sometimes good and sometimes bad. I have fought until the end but I will need to be more linear in the final”, admitted Alcaraz after his victory, Nadal style. He was right. DeMinaur Y alcaraz They have fought a battle of 3 hours and 43 minutes to earn their place in the final.

The Australian tennis player has pushed the young Murcian tennis player to the limit since the resumption of the match suspended by rain on Saturday 2-2. He thus has maintained equality until reaching the ‘tie break’ that he has ended up winning. a hit for alcaraz that he was impatient, that he did not have control of the game as he likes it and he lacked patience. An easy volley, with the court open, cost him a childish error and the first set.

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Two ‘match balls’, saved

alcaraz has continued fighting with the same in the second sleeve in which DeMinaur, patient, very confident with his shots and accurate in the counterattack, he kept the tennis. The Australian tennis player has achieved a ‘break’ (5-4), which seemed decisive, but with his service he has let the victory slip away. And that situation has been repeated again when De Minaur has broken Alcaraz’s serve again (6-5), to have two ‘match balls’ in the next game. The pressure of victory.

The support of a stand, delivered to Alcaraz,and the courage of the Murcian in each blow, has allowed him save the knockout and force the ‘tie break’ that, this time, has not let escape. De Minaur held the blow despite being down 3-1 in the third. He continued breaking stone to force the machine until 4-4.

But in the next game Alcaraz made him the definitive ‘break’ to certify, in the following, his pass to the fourth final of his career after winning the titles of Umag (2021) and this year Rio de Janeiro and the Masters 1,000 in Miami.

“There are no friends on the track”

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Carreno Y alcaraz They have never faced each other on the ATP circuit, although hundreds of times in training sessions in Villena and since, at the age of 14, the Murcian tennis player warmed up with Carreño at the London Masters. “I met him at the O2 and Albert Molina [el mánager de ambos], he asked me to rally with him. Do you believe, I told him? She surprised me. He missed fewer balls than me. It seemed that he was the one who was going to play the game, “she explained these days Carreno. “We know each other more than enough. We have done thousands of training sessions, but there are no friends on the track”, he anticipated alcaraz.

The final will be held no earlier than 5:30 p.m., since the ATP requires a minimum break of two hours.

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