Agua en México presents quality studies in CDMX and Guadalajara

The Mexican Association for Correct AC Hydration, Water in Mexico simultaneously conducted two studies of the water quality offered by water purification businesses, better known as fillers in Mexico City and Guadalajara, Jalisco, and found that these establishments do not comply with the sanitary regulations that govern them.

It should be noted that purified water for human consumption is described and regulated under “NOM-201-SSA1-2015, Products and services. Water and ice for human consumption, packaged and in bulk ”, which establishes the permissible limits that purified water must maintain to guarantee its quality and avoid damage to health.

In the Mexico City The water from 40 fillers was analyzed, the results of which showed that 62.5% of the samples exceeded the established limits for total coliforms. Likewise, 27.5% of the intakes analyzed did not comply with the nitrate limits.

On the other hand, in Guadalajara 30 fillers were taken into account to analyze the water they sold. The results are similar to those of the capital: 66.67% of the samples contained total coliforms; 6.67% exceeded the fluoride limits and 10% presented excess nitrates.

As a precedent, in 2019, the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) published a study in which it was determined that 51.4% of the analyzed water contained total coliforms, which proliferate in fecal matter. This means that, in the last three years, the quality of the water sold for human consumption by these establishments has deteriorated significantly, putting those who consume it at risk of contracting various diseases.

The president and spokesperson of Water in Mexico, Juan Francisco Bustamante Ruiz Sánchez, said that “the fillers, in most cases, do not consider all the treatment variables nor do they carry out the best practices in the treatment and management of the product, that creates a risk for the population as it is a possible source of diseases that affect their health and that of others ”.

Sum of efforts

Water in Mexico recognized the work of various social and governmental actors, including the parliamentary groups of our country, in favor of access to quality water for Mexican families. A first example of this is the point of agreement, approved unanimously on August 25 of the current year, promoted by Senator José Ramón Enríquez Herrera of the Morena parliamentary group, presented before the board of directors of the Permanent Commission, in the that the Federal Commission for the Protection of Sanitary Risks (Cofepris) was requested to strengthen, inspect and monitor the quality of water in those establishments that are dedicated to the purification, bottling and commercialization of water, in order to eliminate potential risks in the consumption for consumers health.

Another effort they celebrated is the one being promoted by Senator Manuel Añorve Baños, of the PRI parliamentary group, who promotes a point of agreement that urges the federal government to review and, where appropriate, update the official Mexican regulations on the matter. of drinking water.

“For Agua en México, the care and access to quality water is an action of co-responsibility where citizens, the government, companies, the media, as well as the various actors that make up the State must be present,” said Bustamante Ruiz Sánchez .


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