Agricultural trade balance surplus falls by half, but maintains positive balance: Sader

In the first 10 months of 2021, the agri-food trade balance from Mexico (agricultural and agroindustrial) reached a surplus of 5,707 million dollars; but it is almost half of what was registered in the same period a year ago, reported the Secretariat of Agriculture and Rural Development (Sader).

This is largely explained by the fact that imports of products such as corn, soybeans or pork increased over 60 percent.

However, the agency stressed that it is the seventh consecutive year in which the trade balance presented a surplus, a result of 36.383 million dollars of exports and 30.675 million dollars of imports, according to figures from the Agri-Food and Fisheries Information Service (READY).

It is also the third highest positive balance in 27 years, while the value of agri-food exports from Mexico to October was the highest reported in 29 years.

According to figures from Banco de México (Banxico), in the first ten months of the year, Mexico’s total agri-food trade with its commercial partners reached 67.058 million dollars. 54.26% corresponded to sales made by our country.

In turn, the agricultural and fishing balance For said period, it presented a positive balance of 852 million dollars, with sales of 15,989 million dollars and purchases from abroad for 15,137 million dollars, despite a greater increase in the latter.

Sader indicated that, in the area of ​​agro-industrial products, exports reached 20.393 million dollars and imports 15.538 million dollars, thus resulting in a trade surplus of 4.856 million dollars in the period January-October 2021.

Juan Carlos Anaya, director of Agricultural Market Consultants Group estimated that by the end of the year exports could close with a record figure of more than 43 million dollars.

The top of exports

The products that achieved the highest exports were: beverages, vegetables and fruits, since they accounted for more than 61% of the total, with 23, 19 and 19 percent participation, respectively.

Specifically, the exports of agricultural and fishing products with the highest growth compared to the same period of 2020 were: natural bee honey, with 77.46%; citrus, 38.01%, and fresh raspberries, with 28.49 percent.

Regarding agro-industrial products, sales abroad of tequila and mezcal registered the highest growth, 37.68 percent; waters and soft drinks, with an increase of 35.44%, and frozen orange juice, with 32.21 percent.

While the national products with the highest export value were beer, with 4.639 million dollars; tequila and mezcal, with 2,710 million dollars, and avocado, 2,513 million dollars.


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