Agricultural mapping will boost growth in Puebla: Ceagro

Puebla, Pue. The state of Puebla urgently needs to have a map to identify the products with the greatest potential for growth and yields, since 40% of the crops are lost each year because they are planted in areas that do not match the type of soil, considered the Agricultural State Council (Ceagro).

Arturo Con Villa, president of the organization, indicated that, after the reclassification of the entity to go from seven to 32 regions, it is necessary to identify how the agricultural activity is, because losses continue not only due to intermediation in the commercialization of products –which has been reduced considerably– but also due to the insistence on planting products with low economic impact.

He stated that have detected 80 products that would allow the sector better yields taking advantage of the weather and subsoil conditions; It is about 60 vegetables and fruits, while the rest are grains, however, the correct mapping corresponds to the state authorities, since it is an investigation that they have carried out as Ceagro with the support of agronomists.

“Currently, for every 10 pesos invested in crops, only 6 pesos are recovered and the rest are losses, because the maturity that fruits and vegetables need is not given because they are not in adequate areas, which they cannot offer to stores either. of self-service due to low quality, coupled with the fact that it competes with other states”, he deepened.

remembered that they are almost 1 million hectares plantedTherefore, with a correct mapping, it will be possible to drive the Pueblan countryside towards harvests with greater profitability and in the short term, which will convince farmers to diversify their activity.

He mentioned that to put this mapping into practice, the support of agrarian associations is also necessary, since they are the filter to reach those represented with the purpose of convincing them of productive reconversion, since it is the only way to guarantee better yields.

With Villa, he pointed out that budget support is important for this mapping to be done, but at the same time, productive reconversion must be promoted, especially in the poorest municipalities that are in the north of the state.

He explained that at least 30 producer organizations can participate in specifying this mapping and do the work of convincing their members to apply it.


He indicated that instead of having losses, families dedicated to the field will be able to aspire to better income and, with this, stop the migration of young people who aspire to go to the United States or seek employment in the Pueblan industry or masonry.

He noted that these desires to improve are not bad, but in the municipalities there are opportunities for growth if they adequately exploit the lands that have been left in charge of the elderly, to generate products for self-consumption.

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