Agoney wins his second gala in ‘Tu cara me suena’ with his imitation of Rauw Alejandro

These will be the performances of the next gala of ‘Your face sounds like 9’

– Loles León will be Teresa Rabal.

– David Fernández will bring a friend to imitate Ojete Calor.

– María Peláe will put themselves in the skin of Gracia Montes.

– Nia will be challenged to be Tina Turner.

– Rasel will become J Balvin after ‘stealing’ it from Agoney thanks to the ‘I steal it’ box.

– The Morancos will be cloned in El Simbolo.

– Eva Soriano will play Danna Paola.

– And after Rasel has ‘stolen’ her character, Agoney, winner of this fifth gala, will be Lady Gaga.

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