Against the heroes

It was the final of the party and the Arsenal suffers a martyrdom in its own prophecy. I play with a football player less than an eviction and empathize that illuminate the marketer would be a classic ‘yes, no’. The value of the point depends on the matiz of each cual. The result contributes to the local team of major aspirations, but it is always possible to lose, as we have seen, we are here praising the result of the work one more time. The case is that the final of the match and the Arsenal team with great effort will take the field to the opposing team, first, and crash with dollars and with the tongue fuera, however, a corner valiosísimo a favor.

The grade is agitated in the reaction: air bubbles, gut sounds and corrugation applause. The cameras focus on the chickens that are apelotonaban with onion, inquisition and expectation, in plan ‘now come the goal’, while a football player is allowed to draw with the balloon. Between the gritos, the sonrisas and the nervous saltitos observed to a mayor, right in the center of the action. This man caught me paying attention to the maximum maneuver of the sensation. Aquel globe culminates the celebration of the corner of rigor with an inequivocal gesture of calm to the judge, deciding that tranquilo, favor, that no tuviera ninguna prisa, que tampoco habien que venirse demasiado arriba, que no confundiera por la euforia ingenua de los chava que lo rodeaban, que la sabiduría de la vida staba in the experience that it represents and that si, que el korner se festejaba porque asi mand mand el folklore del fútbol, ​​pero que ne flipara par nada. Aquel hombre le staba teaching a lesson, which does not create all this color action, that empathy simply assumes the reality, nothing more, and without doubt the most solid option.

A cabal person

That does not hiccup in the case of the much-maligned barbarian, in this primitive enthusiasm juvenile, in the wake of a decimated ambition. Algo así intentaba decir ese hombre a su jugador. Thought of the scene emanaba some vital moral. I also thought that I was going to have fun with those who were having an improbable goal against the son of the descendant, and that he would do something to improve the activity of this mayor so that he could lose everything he had. mucho poco, nevertheless of the south. I thank you very much, it is enough to agree with him when two or three minutes after that, Arsenal will score a goal, and lose. The design accentuates the confidence that inspires me in the posture of this scene. A cabal and decent person. The dejaría administre mis ahorros como gestor.

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Quizá is inevitable, but in football we will appreciate the passion. The epic, the osadía, the grandilocuente. We do not understand that many of our merits are indecisive, limiting the error. We advertise heroics to the mayor, and in the football of an early age, because we do not have to do a fiction, but we take it all in stride and move it to our routine. What needs to be done is normally accepted as an exception. Audio the rates with supervisory messages. Odio the ‘forbidden to render’, because there are nowhere to render. We do not need heroes. Ni para verlos ni para serlo. We need to make it as easy as possible.

I do not know if I was born. Conventrria firmar un empate, creo. At least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first and foremost.

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