Justin trudeau promised to grant asylum to some 20,000 Afghan citizens caught in the Taliban grip which threatens to quickly close in on individual freedoms and the rights of women in the country despite the soft guarantees provided by the new Islamist regime. In fact, bureaucratic constraints and Canada’s lack of preparation for the foreseeable comeback of the Taliban will relegate the Prime Minister’s words to wishful thinking.

Geopolitical analysts will discuss for years the circumstances surrounding the abrupt end of the mirage of democratic Afghanistan, a forcefully fostered illusion of a US occupation that lasted nearly 20 years, at the cost of 2,400 loss of life in US soldiers, 38,000 Afghan civilians, and astronomical military spending of over $ 2 trillion by the United States. Not to mention the 83 billion US dollars injected into the support and training of an Afghan army that flattened unanswered when the Taliban resumed conquering the country, city by city, after the withdrawal of the last American troops.

From a Canadian perspective, the humanitarian crisis and institutional feminicide looming on the horizon in Afghanistan are the expression of a double bankruptcy: that of its foreign policy and that of its intelligence services. Canada is a member of the Group of Five (the Five Eyes), this alliance also bringing together the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia. As such, he should have known that the Afghan regime would not resist the Taliban charge. Any nosy journalist will find, in open and credible sources, warning signs of the tragedy currently playing out in the cemetery of empires.

It is true that the President of the United States, Joe Biden, surprised his Western allies by orchestrating a swift and chaotic withdrawal. Even if the withdrawal deadline had been set by his unpredictable predecessor, Biden could have managed the end of the never-ending war by projecting an image of cohesion. On the contrary, the helicopters evacuating the American embassy in Kabul echoed the fall of Saigon.

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Estimates that the Afghan army could push back the Taliban for two or three years were based on out of line assumptions. Canada should have planned an evacuation plan for the interpreters in advance, fixers and other workers who have worked for the Canadian Embassy or Army over the years. It is their lives and those of their loved ones that are at stake. It is not normal that federal officials have suggested to Afghans, in the panic of the last few days, that they obtain a valid passport in order to flee to the country. Canada. This is a clear sign that Canada has botched its evacuation strategy and neglected its duty to assist the Afghans who lent it a helping hand.

Canada has sent at least four aircraft to Kabul to facilitate the evacuation of its Afghan allies: too little, too late. Canada’s efforts are compromised by the capture of Kabul by the Taliban. They began to erect checkpoints in the capital, to limit the comings and goings of the population and to suppress the first demonstrations of protest by violence.

So far, the Taliban have presented themselves as a diet version of the Islamic terror regime they had imposed during their previous reign. They promise respect for women’s rights, within the restrictive limits of Sharia law, no reprisals against Western allies and a peaceful transition. When the last Western expatriates leave the country in disarray after the collapse of President Ghani’s anemic regime, we will see the true face of the “modern” Taliban.

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Due to the movement’s past and present association with terrorist groups, which still includes al-Qaeda, Canada and its allies will need to increase the quality of their intelligence services to counter threats to the world. nationwide. If they have not succeeded in 20 years of presence in the field, one wonders how they will get there from a distance. Only American drones and targeted assassinations will remain to contain the jihadist threat.

It is a waste not only for Canada but for the United States and its allies who believed in the chimera of creating a viable democracy under the boot of military intervention. In an unstable, traditionalist and corrupt country like Afghanistan, subject to the treacherous influence of Pakistan which armed, sheltered and instrumentalized the Taliban, it was the equivalent of pulling the stem of a flower so that it grows faster.

The seeds of a civil society and an educated middle class have nevertheless appeared in 20 years. Afghan women have won rights and freedoms they dared not dream of. This is the end of the short parenthesis for them and the millions of Afghans who believed in the dream.

Never have Western values ​​seemed so empty and fragile as in the last days of the Afghan tragedy.

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