Taliban patrolling the capital Kabul, traffic that has become more or less dense, stores that have reopened … Three days after the Taliban seizure of power, Afghanistan is trying to resume a semblance of normal life.

The new leaders have tried to smooth their rhetoric by committing to protect women’s rights “within the framework of Islamic law”, but many Afghans are waiting for action.

Country remains suspended on formation of government, which Taliban promise “inclusive”. And a sign of their desire to give the image of a more open movement, the Islamist movement has broadcast images of one of their emissaries in the middle of a meeting with former President Hamid Karazai.

Negotiations welcomed by Ashraf Ghani, the last president to date who fled the country when the Taliban arrived and who spoke for the first time since his hasty departure. “I had no intention of fleeing and abandoning the country. I am currently in the Emirates to avoid bloodshed,” did he declare.

“And I am in consultation to return to Afghanistan and continue the fight together to ensure justice, Afghan sovereignty and to restore Islamic values”, he added.

A statement weighted by Washington, for whom Hamid Karazai “is no longer a caring person in Afghanistan.”

A sign that Afghanistan seems to have definitely turned a page, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, co-founder of the Taliban with Mullah Omar, until then in exile in Qatar after being imprisoned and then released, returned to Afghanistan on Tuesday.

A first for such a high figure in the movement since the Taliban were ousted from power by the Americans in 2001.

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Inevitable “chaos”?

But if the Taliban try to appear less harsh in the eyes of the world, many Afghans are not convinced and try to flee the country.

After surreal scenes of men and women attempting to board planes on Monday, the scramble for Kabul airport continued on Wednesday, with attempts to disperse the crowds.

According to Washington, if the Islamists “facilitate the passage” American citizens, they prevent Afghans from leaving the country.

The United States, for which “nothing” foreshadowed that the Afghan army and government would collapse so quickly, President Biden said, that it would have been impossible to withdraw American troops without some form of “chaos” in the country.

The idea “that somehow there was a way out without chaos ensuing, I don’t see how that is possible”, he told ABC Channel on Wednesday.


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