Aeromexico Group reported that as of the second half of August it will increase its operations (to and from) at the Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA), with the aim that by the end of October they will carry out 30 daily operations, thus offering 1.5 million seats during the following calendar year.

Currently, Aeroméxico operates three destinations from that airport: Villahermosa, Mérida and Puerto Vallarta, with an average of five operations per day.

This announcement is part of the contribution of Aeromexico to the development of the Mexican Airport System, which was one of the points discussed at the meeting on Monday, May 9, at the facilities of the Ministry of the Interior.

“In the near future we will inform the details of the additional flights that we will have in the AIFA, which will be possible by taking advantage of our fleet growth plan with more modern, efficient and less polluting equipment. At the beginning of 2022 we had 122 aircraft and by the end of the year we expect the fleet to be 147 aircraft,” the airline explained in a press release.

After the agency in charge of Adán Augusto López released details of the meeting in which collaboration was strengthened for the development of the airline industry, the group that recently completed its financial restructuring process reported:

We recognize the authorities’ willingness to dialogue, which made it possible to reach important agreements for the benefit of air transport users, workers and the industry in general.

As a result of this new relationship, the group also stated that they will maintain their offer of flights to and from the Mexico City International Airport (AICM) for the benefit of users, and we will continue to collaborate with the authorities to operate under the highest security standards.

(With information from Alejandro de la Rosa.)


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