I arrived at the Wordle late. I am the typical person who first laughs at trends, avoids and despises them, and then embraces them without limitation and at the wrong time when others start getting tired of them. That’s why I arrived at Wordle late the same way I arrived late after checkered shirts, Converse sneakers, podcasts, covid, torreznos, stairs and cell phones.

In this case, I arrived at Wordle late, but I finally showed up with everything, as a good central defender in court, which is unmistakable. Now the first thing I do every day when I wake up is play Wordle. And it’s not the worst. The real problem is that I’m very good at Wordle: I solve all the words and I have almost three consecutive weeks without fail. So much so that I have never lost, nor will I lose, and if I think about it a little, it was to be expected. It makes all the sense, all the logic: I’m great at Wordle, because it’s the typical thing that no one cares about and that’s useless. The typical useless case with which I am great, the typical irrelevant achievement for which I was trained as a standard.

I’m sure I was too late with the distribution of skills. Not knowing how to do something should be a disgrace, but being good at things that are useless is a huge disaster. To sum up, I would say that if you were all like me, mankind would be extinct long ago. Mine is undoubtedly unhappy, -the master of the Woordle, the king of the five letters-, but there are even worse people, and it always encourages.

absurd abilities

As children we were once on the soccer field, so quiet, and a friend showed up with his uncle. Our friend told us ‘look what my uncle can do’, and the uncle put the ball on his head, as if it were a seal, and crossed the whole field without dropping it on the ground. The rest of us look at each other like hell it is and why did you bring your uncle to us, we do not like news or surprises here, and then we play some random party. The guy signed up to play and what should have happened happened. The second time he started doing the seal, he got a fair and logical flying kick to the head, in a legal battle for the ball. We would agree that much worse than not knowing how to play football is to make the seal with the ball. The typical thing that no one cares about and that is useless.

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Lately, you do not see so many soccer players displaying absurd skills and making small touches with the ball when they present the signatures. And if they do, I do not know, what comes to me on the same thing. I’m quite in favor of that, because that’s how we avoid massive deception in childhood – to think that playing football is the same as thinking that literature plays Wordle. Touch is not going to save you when you play this season. The best of my teams have never been the ones who did that nonsense. The best of my teams saw it and were suspicious. In the 70th minute of the key game of the year, you really know who’s the best, and that’s where the presentations are far -and the smiles, the poses and the touch-.


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