A website for monitoring pregnant women

The Government of Quebec has implemented a tool to ensure better monitoring of pregnant women from the first months of their pregnancy.

The “My Pregnancy” site, which takes the form of a form to be completed on the Internet, will allow health professionals to identify the needs of women and direct them to various resources in the health network or in the community.

“The “pregnancy notice” worker could contact her and assign her a doctor and tell her “listen, in your area, we have such a doctor, I could give you an appointment”, indicated Geneviève Villeneuve, planning, programming and research officer at the Côte-Nord public health department.

“The government’s desire is to reach all pregnant women in Quebec,” she added.

On the North Shore, links have been established with the Innu communities to follow up on files with resources located on reserves.

According to recent data, nearly a quarter of pregnant Quebec women did not have an obstetrical follow-up during their first trimester of pregnancy.

The implementation of a notice of declaration of pregnancy was a recommendation formulated by the Special Commission on the Rights of Children and the Protection of Youth.


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