A teacher could be responsible for an outbreak in a Montreal school

Dozens of young people were infected when they were in class at Saint-Émile elementary school forcing the closure of the establishment until next Tuesday and the return of learning at home.

The investigation does not yet reveal who is responsible for this outbreak, but the behavior of an anti-vaccine teacher is questioned by students and parents.

This plastic arts teacher would have worked with more than 75% of infected people.

According to our information, this teacher was promoting not to wear the mask in class. She is also one of those infected with the virus.

In total, at least 39 people have contracted COVID-19. She also reportedly received a positive result.

Several young students told TVA Nouvelles that they had to warn this teacher to wear a mask.

“The teachers say that when they are two meters away, they can take the mask off, but there she was not two meters away. She was really close to me, so I told myself to step back a bit, ”explains Lucas, a young student who worked with this plastic arts teacher.

At least eight of the 11 classes are said to have students who have infected with COVID-19.

“I wonder why teachers have the right to come and teach without being vaccinated. In my opinion, that’s the least of it, ”says Lucas’s mother.

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