A robot with a guard on the front between the United States and Mexico

Unos robots capable of moving over the most inhospitable lands podrian patrols the porous front between United States and Mexicoby entering migrant clandestine search for a better life.

United States Announcement is this week that you consider to be perros robots prepared to assist security forces in frontier vigilance.

“The front can be a hostage for the man and the beast, and this is exactly the motive for which a machine can sovereign all over”, affirms Brenda Long, director of the Directorate of Science and Technology of the Department of Interior Security (DHS ) estadounidense in a communiqué.

It is about robotic dogs, which form part of what they know as automated terrestrial vigilance vehicles o AGSV.

The DHS technology team proposes these machines to the Aduanas Office and Frontier Protection (CBPby its English tags) to help agents and “at the same time increase their security level”.

From the beginning he thinks of terrestrial drones of four patas. To design the DHS collaboration with the company Ghost Roboticswhich has tenien experience in this type of machines.

According to Gavin Kenneally, Ghost Robotics Product Director, the 45-kilogram robot is made for the type of work needed in the frontier zone.

“It is a resistant quadruple robot. It traverses all types of natural terrain, such as arenas, rocks and cliffs, as well as buildings built by people, such as escalators,” the company said in a statement.

On the front of the front “if the offensive behavior is per (…) also can have trafficking in persons, narcotics, as well as other contraband, as arms and including potentially massive destruction arms”, explained in the note agent Brett Becker of the CBP Innovation Team (INVNT).

“These activities can be carried out by anyone, from a single person, to transnational criminal organizations, terrorists or hostile goblins, and so on,” Becker said.

In the desert or mountains, agents and officials tend to suffer with the accidental terrain, much caloricity and humidity and breath, on top of that, you can meet those who want to cause it “, affirm.

“Pero, advierte, también hay muchos peligros cerca de casa”, como cuando van “a pueblos, ciudades o puertos” y se topan con conditions “inherentemente peligrosas”.

Approved exams

The team works on the project from years ago and midway through and evaluated the robots to determine if they were “at the top”.

Fueron was sent to an installation in Lorton, Virginia, to equip video cameras and sensors that allow real-time information to be transmitted and data to the persons being monitored.

In this place, the team also tries to be able to manage from one portable computer by remote control and the shape in which it is placed on the asphalt, the grass and the hills.

The robots that approve these exams and pass the next phase, in El Paso, Texas, to be developed in real conditions.

To collaborate with the units of stadium planning and tuvieron to maneuver in hostels, both high temperatures and with little oxygen.

The platforms are designed to power distinctive cameras (thermals, night vision, with zoom) and sensors (chemicals, biologists, radiologists …).

When standing permanently connected to the operator through fixed frequencies such as the radio, Wi-Fi, GPS u otras. Fueron tried on hills, barrancos, rocas and loading weight and animal result.

Actu seguido pasaron a installaciónes cubiertas, donde tuvieron que esquivar a individuos hostiles, movers por pasillos y subir escalas.

Demonstrate his skills in a desert zone, where he owns hundreds of cars, nights and days, and inspects the interior and interior of train cars.

If these robots are descending, some robots will have to watch the frontier, crossing over the migrants, many of them Central Americans, crying out for poverty and violence.

In 2021, New York City’s police will crack down on its robot over the retentions that will be passed on to the public.

But the DHS did not describe its use: “It is not surprising if in the future we will see the robot” Fido “on the ground, carrying along the staff of the CBP”.



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