Why buy a trailer when we can put our all-terrain vehicle (ATV) on the roof of our small car?

A 29-year-old man from Outaouais learned the hard way that it would be better for him to invest in the purchase of a trailer.

Early Wednesday morning, the Public Security officers of the MRC des Collines-de-l’Outaouais were quite surprised when they saw a small Mazda 3 pass in front of them with… an ATV strapped to the roof.

The police quickly intercepted the driver, who had just turned onto Highway 50, in the direction of Gatineau.

According to the authorities, the motorist arrived from Val-des-Bois and intended to go to Gatineau with his (very) extraordinary cargo, a journey of about sixty kilometers.

“Unfortunately for the driver, he had a driver’s license suspended for numerous unpaid fines, not to mention the unorthodox and unusual method of transporting an all-terrain vehicle,” said Sergeant Martin Fournel, door – word of the police force.

Indeed, the ATV enthusiast had attached his car to the roof of the car using a single strap.

According to authorities, the weight of the ATV was so great that all of the car’s shock absorbers were “crushed”, making riding nearly impossible.

The vehicle, which did not belong to the driver, was still seized for a period of 30 days. A statement of offense of $494 will also be given to him for having driven a vehicle with a suspended licence.

The car owner will also be fined $494 for leaving his car with someone without a valid driver’s license.

Other findings could eventually be issued in this file, in particular for negligently securing the ATV.


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