A new storm arrives in Spain: heavy rains and storms in these areas

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During the weekend there will be an Atlantic storm located to the west of the Iberian Peninsula. At the moment it does not affect our country yet, but at the beginning of next week it will be placed right on our map leaving an episode of generous and widespread rains, both in the peninsula and in the Balearic Islands. Too there may be storms, as reported eltiempo.es.

Facing the Friday, Saturday and Sunday, atmospheric instability will continue in the northeast of the peninsula and in the Balearic Islands, reports the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet), with locally strong showers and storms in the archipelago, in the north of the Valencian Community, south of Aragon, Catalonia and around the Pyrenees, without being ruled out in other points of the northeast and also in other parts of the Valencian Community.

On Friday there will also be rainfall, but generally weak, in western Galicia and the Cantabrian Sea, without ruling out some shower in the afternoon in the Cantabrian Mountains on Saturday. Although there is some uncertainty regarding the forecast, Aemet points out that the front could reach the west of the peninsula late on Sunday and leave rains in the west of Galicia and the western end of the Plateau. In any case, “there is still a lot of uncertainty” in this regard since “they could affect more areas of the Peninsula,” according to its spokesman, Rubén del Campo.

The Temperatures on Friday, Saturday and Sunday will rise and may exceed 34 degrees in the Guadalquivir Valley and southeast of the Peninsula, with a generally somewhat warm atmosphere for the time in most of the country, especially in the west and south.

As to The Canary Islands, the highlight of these days will be the high temperatures that will persist for much of the week, although possibly they descend from Sunday. It will exceed 32 degrees in points in the south of the islands, even 34 or 35 degrees in the south of Gran Canaria. These days rain is not expected, but there is some suspended dust that will give rise to haze, which implies a reduction in visibility and a worsening of the air quality.

Rain next week

This storm with a lot of humidity in its interior will leave the first rains in the west of Galicia at dawn on Monday. At the beginning of the week and as the hours go by on Monday it will start to rain in all of Galicia and western Extremadura and Andalusia. The rainfall in the central area of ​​the country, affecting points of the Community of Madrid and Castilla-La Mancha. Showers are also expected in the north of Castilla y León, in Navarra, Aragon and La Rioja.

On the other hand, even with much uncertainty, rains are likely to occur in the Canary Islands on Monday. The Tuesday will occur more prominent, intense and widespread rains, and may be accompanied by storm in some cases. It is expected that rain in practically the whole country, although there is still a lot of uncertainty to be able to specify which regions will accumulate the most liters throughout the episode. They could only stay without receiving a drop in the southeast of the peninsula, along with Melilla and the Canary Islands.

Atlantic storms such as the one forecast, which drop enough in latitude and cause temperate and humid winds from the southwest (light or rainy winds), usually leave rains especially in Extremadura and western Andalusia. This situation could help improve the situation of the two hydrographic basins whose reservoirs are below 30%: Guadiana and Guadalquivir.


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