A man must relate his antics to the court

A researcher who had chanted on all the rooftops that her ex-lover was a violent sexual predator was in a “delirium” filled with falsehoods, testified to this one by swearing that their sadomasochistic practices were consenting.

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“We discussed it before and for certain scenarios, it was she who wrote them. I had gone to see a sexologist to find out what to expect and if it was correct, ”said the ex-lover of Ann Letellier, Thursday at the Sorel-Tracy courthouse, in a testimony where he had to go public with many intimate details about his sex life.

The 56-year-old woman has been facing a jury trial since Monday for harassment and extortion of the man who was her lover for 20 years.

Because after the end of their relationship, Letellier accused him of sexual assault, fraud and ethical breaches, in addition to sending a letter to about thirty people claiming in very crude words that they had been raped to the point of suffering “serious bodily harm”.

However, all of this is absolutely false, according to the Crown, which instead accused the woman. At the beginning of the testimony, the plaintiff had claimed to have lived through a “nightmare” to the point of having thought of ending his life.

Intimate details

In cross-examination, Mr.and Alexandra Longueville, however, made the plaintiff recognize that he practiced sadomasochism with his ex-lover. Visibly embarrassed, he replied yes.

“Unconventional practices upset me a bit, but I was trying to be the best lover for her,” assured the man whose identity is protected by the court.

However, he had to give many intimate details that are more discussed under the duvet than in front of 14 jurors, a judge, lawyers and court staff. They involved many objects, foodstuffs, thematic scenarios by personifying a planter or Santa Claus, or even a “demonstrative verbal language”.

“I have to be careful, there are a lot of people,” the witness said timidly when he had to describe extreme moments.

But the man is categorical: Letellier has never expressed dissatisfaction. In fact, it was she who was interested in sadomasochism, because “a little pain, it exacerbates the pleasure”, she would have said to her lover at the time.

Thus, the acts of extreme violence that the accused had described are “far-fetched”, according to the plaintiff who described as “crazy stiff” the allegations of his ex-lover.

His cross-examination continues Friday.


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