The National Police has opened an investigation to try to locate the perpetrator of an attack in a Metro car when a male nurse was hit in the face when recriminating a person for do not wear a mask.

The events took place last Thursday night at the Alto del Arenal station on Line 1 of the Madrid Metro, as confirmed to Europa Press sources of the Madrid underground.

A male nurse received a severe blow to the face from a man after asking you to put on the mask, mandatory in public transport. As a result of the impact on the eye, the health worker had to be transferred to Hospital 12 de Octubre to be treated.

They are looking for the individual who attacked a Metro passenger with a punch

The alleged perpetrator of the coup left the wagon after snapping at the nurse: “I hope you die, asshole”, according to the video of the events that has been disseminated on social networks.

The attack is being investigated by the Mobile Brigade of the National Police. Likewise, from this Security Corps citizen collaboration has been requested to try to locate the alleged perpetrator of the same.

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