The judge of Administrative Litigation number 10 of Barcelona has given a maximum period of five days from its notification to the mayor of Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona), Mireia Ingla, as head of the City Council, to remove the message ‘llibertat presos polítics’ and the yellow ribbon from the facade of the City Council , and is exposed to a fine of 500 euros per week on his personal assets if he does not. Ingla has held the position since 2019, which she accessed from the ERC-MÉS candidacy.

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The municipal group of Cs filed an appeal against the City Council for placing a banner in the municipal offices that called for the freedom of pro-independence politicians with a yellow ribbon, and the consistory changed the banner for other posters hanging inside the windows, according to the car of last March 5 consulted by Europa Press.

The judge has considered that this substitution of the initial banner for “multiple posters with the same message in the same City Hall building is a deliberate will and explicit bad faith not to execute a judicial resolution”.

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