A group of health workers receives fourth dose of vaccine against Covid-19 in Israel

An Israeli hospital began administering a fourth dose from vaccine against Covid-19 to their healthcare workers, as part of a test for a future vaccination reinforcement campaign, the date of which has not yet been announced.

The Ministry of Health approved the clinical study to test the efficacy of the fourth dose, Gal Rotem Golan, a spokeswoman, told AFP.

The Israeli Prime Minister, Naftali Bennett, reported last Wednesday that both Israelis over the age of 60 and the health personnel will be able to access a fourth dose, when the country tries to reduce infections by the new Omicron variant.

But the decision still needs the approval of the Ministry of Health.

Sheba hospital in suburban Tel Aviv on Monday began vaccinating 150 volunteer workers who received a third dose more than four months ago and whose antibody levels appear to have decreased.

The administration of a fourth dose will evaluate the possible increase in antibodies and the appearance of side effects, and whether or not the risk of infection is reduced, said Gili Regev-Yochay, director of the department of infectious diseases of the hospital.

The workers will be monitored for six months, he added.

Before starting to inoculate a fourth dose nationwide, Health Ministry Director General Nachman Ash wants to take time to study the severity of Omicron variant infections, Israeli media reported.

More than 4.1 million Israelis have received three doses of the vaccine against coronavirus in this nation of about 9.3 million people.


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