A ‘First Dates’ diner refuses to kiss: “My makeup is spoiled”

Not everyone decides to kiss in ‘First Dates’, despite being attracted. This week, the most famous restaurant on television received two diners who starred in a romantic and sensual date, but who It did not end in a kiss for the funny reasons of one of the components of the couple.

Miriam went to the Four format wanting to find love and David wanted to feel a connection with someone. The two seemed very comfortable during dinner and after-games, and although she admits that she tends to scare boys at first, with being single she had managed to captivate him.

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While they participated in the proposals of the show to have a certain connection, one of the things they had to do was bite their lip and she declined this possibility: “No, not that my makeup is spoiled. My lipstick is taking off”, he added as an excuse to David, who was speechless because of the great connection they had had.

Shortly after, in statements, Miriam explained that she prefers not to kiss in a first meeting because that is how it seems to men more interesting and there is more passion. For this reason, they had to go home with a kiss on the corner.


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