At the dawn of the 30th anniversary of Cirque Éloize, this is the very first time that I have created a show on the Islands from A to Zunderlines the president and chief creative officer of Cirque Éloize, Jeannot Painchaud.

Jeannot Painchaud’s project aims to make the church a real multidisciplinary broadcast room, but also to create a large cultural center around it (archives).

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The show is inspired by the tales and legends of Madelinot storyteller, Cédric Landry, who will also be on stage to deliver his texts alongside the acrobats. This is another first for Cirque Éloize.

This is the first time that we put the story with acrobatics and music. I have always liked to cross between the different forms of living artexplains Mr. Painchaud.

Each show is always a bit about pushing the limits of creation, and it’s above all starting from the Islands, the history of the Islands, Cédric’s texts and putting these stories inspired by real facts or of legends. »

A quote from Jeannot Painchaud, President and Chief Creative Officer of Cirque Éloize

We draw on the musical roots of the Islands too, although it is composed music, we will look in the traditional repertoire of the Islandshe adds.

Cédric Landry will also be accompanied on stage by Henri-Paul Bénard, from the Suroît group, as well as a singer and a cellist.

The show, whose title will be unveiled on Wednesday, at the same time that tickets go on sale, will be presented for six weeks from July 9 in the old church of Le Havre-Aubert.

An incubator for talent from the Islands

The transformation of the church is already underway in the Magdalen Islands, but will only be completed within three years.

A church transformed into a theater.

A 30-by-50-foot stage, with a ceiling clearance of more than 30 feet, was set up inside the Notre-Dame-de-la-Visitation church in Havre-Aubert (archives).

Photo: Courtesy of Jeannot Painchaud

We set up the church with a stage and all the infrastructure. We are going to use it as it is in its current state, with the benches and all that, but the long-term project is to completely transform it from the inside while keeping its architectural envelope.says Mr. Painchaud.

Around mid-June, the whole team comes down here and the challenge is to settle in the church to be able to design the costumes and the scenography on site. »

A quote from Jeannot Painchaud, President and Chief Creative Officer of Cirque Éloize

It’s going to be a great challenge because there’s no workshop set up specifically for that, so we’re going to set up temporarily to be completely independent.he explains.

After this first show, the room will be available for possible partnerships with other broadcasters, for various projects and shows.

A 3D plan shows renovated buildings seen from above.

Jeannot Painchaud hopes that the church and the old school of Havre-Aubert will come back to life thanks to outdoor shows and cultural activities, a restaurant and the creation of around twenty housing units (archives).

Photo: Courtesy of Jeannot Painchaud

For example, creation residencies could be held there, and young Madelinots could learn technical skills to work in the field.

Jeannot Painchaud wants to make it a real cultural center named At the foot of the Demoiselleswhich will serve both as a venue and as a center for research, development and creation in the performing arts.

The idea of ​​the cluster is precisely that it serves as an incubator in the future for all young people who are interested in careers in the stage. It will be a place where we can rub shoulders with apprentices and experienced people.advances the president of Cirque Éloize.

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