A father loses to the infanticide mother the battle to bury his daughter in Lloret

Justice has to be fair, but it does not seem that it is being fair in the case of little Laia, the 2-year-old girl who died in agony in the Picarral neighborhood of Zaragoza in January last year and that has spent all this time in the cold room of the Institute of Legal Medicine of Aragon (IMLA). The new magistrate in charge of the investigation has just imposed that it be buried in Saragossa, as requested by the mother accused of this infanticide and against the request of the biological father. This man asked to bury the minor in Lloret de Mar, the city where he and the rest of the paternal family reside.

Three months after the crime, in March 2021, the biological father, who acts as an accusation against Vanesa MP and her current partner, Cristian LV, He has already requested to be able to give his daughter eternal rest. To the point that the Provincial Court of Zaragoza ruled in favor of the burial being in Zaragoza; reasoning that the matter was “in the investigation phase” and considering that “the most appropriate thing, at this procedural moment, is for the body to be found in the same municipality as the Court that is hearing the facts.” One way to proceed is usual in crimes in which the corpse is considered evidence and that both cremation and transfer to another place are prevented in case it becomes necessary, for example, to perform a second autopsy or take samples of some kind.

The statement can be terminated because Tests are no longer being carried out or analyzes are requested that have to do with the minor to which the forensic ones saw a hundred blows in his small body. However, the judge uses this argument from the provincial court to maintain that she should be buried in Zaragoza.

All despite Vanessa PMwhat remains in provisional detention in the prison of Zuera (Zaragoza), has requested to be transferred to a penitentiary center in Palma de Mallorca, the city where he was born and where he has a family. Namely, Laia would be buried in the Aragonese capital with her mother and defendant at 395.91 kilometers and her biological father at 379.6 kilometers.

But the decision to bury the girl’s body in Zaragoza has another derivative that is difficult to explain. Vanesa MP assured the judge that she does not have money to be able to cover the expenses of a funeral, so she isasked the Zaragoza City Council to take charge of it under the protection of charity. Situation that the consistory has not rejected, but it has warned that the protocol establishes that, after five years, the body will be exhumed and that it will end up in the mass grave like the rest of beggars or people who do not pay the maintenance fee of your niche.

The only option not to end up this way is that the biological father, who from the first moment has offered to bury her in Lloret de Mar and take on everything that derives from it, whoever he is, pays for the burial in Zaragoza, a city where that he objects because he doesn’t live there.

If finally this judicial decision is carried out, the judge will be faced with a new problem in her balance of doing Justice: who has more right to attend Laia’s funeral. Her mother and her defendant or her father with the other child of the couple she divorced? And it is that A Blanes court has just withdrawn the woman’s parental authority and has agreed a 500-meter restraining order with respect to her other son.

“I want my daughter not to be alone, I want to go cry to her every day”

Desperation has led Manel Ardila, little Laia’s father, to break his silence. She assures, between tears, that “she did not want to do any media circus with the death of her daughter”, but that she needs to bury her in Lloret de Mar, the city where she lives, and not in Zaragoza “where my little girl lived through hell”.

“I want my daughter not to be alone any longer, she was tortured until her death, she has been in a refrigerator since January 2021 and now they want her to be in Zaragoza where I will not be able to go cry for her every day or put flowers on her”, regrets Ardila in statements to THE ARAGON NEWSPAPERa medium that belongs to the same editorial group as this newspaper, who affirms that this whole situation is affecting him emotionally because he has not yet been able to mourn his daughter who is only 2 years old.

He admits that he does not understand “the cruelty” that he is experiencing. “MThey took my daughter away when I asked for a divorce and she denounced me for mistreatment, of which I was acquitted. I was left without my daughter forever and now the Justice punishes me with this when I am not to blame for her death, “he says, while wondering: Why does a murderer have more rights than the father?

He is also surprised that the judge has agreed that the burial in Zaragoza be paid for by the city council and that after five years it ends up in what is popularly known as the huesera. “My daughter had life insurance, as did my 5-year-old son Manel, and she doesn’t have to spend public money on burying her,” he says, while adding that “none of this would be happening if from the first moment they had allowed him to be buried in Lloret de Mar”. “How is my daughter going to end up in a common grave? Does she not have any kind of dignity? She has a father, a grandmother and a brother who love her and who want to go see her one day without another,” he says with a voice broken because she is about to break down inconsolably crying.

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Ardila remembers that at first, when her life stopped making sense after the death of the little girl, she wanted to return to Toledo, the city where her maternal family is from. “At first I asked to bury her there, where my deceased grandparents are, because it wasn’t right in Lloret,” she says, although she emphasizes that she also proposed Lloret because “it was the place where Laia was born.” “We are here living and working and we want to have it here,” she says.

“Her brother Manel asks me about her every day, I told him I was in heaven and he just tells me he’s tired of me being there, who wants him to come back and be at home with us. She breaks my heart every time she tells me, I want one day to be able to tell her that she is close, “he says.

The minor had more than 100 injuries when she died

Laia, just 2 years old, died on January 21, 2021 after her mother and her partner asked some neighbors for help because she was unconscious. They said that she had fallen down the stairs and they put her in the bathtub to wake her up. They didn’t get it. The investigation carried out by the Homicide Group of the Superior Police Headquarters of Aragon, after analyzing the mobile phones of the two prisoners, revealed that the girl suffered terrible punishments that were sent to her phones, with photos included. One of them surprised the agents, the minor appears hanging by the upper part of a garment on a nail on the wall and her face is scared. Forensic experts came to count more than a hundred injuries, as well as chronic drug use.

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