A disturbing Montreal website of anarchist activists

One of the most recent victims of these far-left activists is former cabinet minister and Conservative senator Michael Fortier. The latter, who has been one of the vice-presidents at the head of the RBC bank since October 2010, saw his two personal vehicles set on fire in front of his private residence on the night of May 4 to 5.

As glaciers melt, drought, fire and famine spread, Mr. Fortier may think his money and contacts will save him, his children and grandchildren. But the enraged will know the names of the great leaders. He must understand that no one is safe in this messcan we read in a written claim published on Montreal Counter-Information.

It appears that Mr. Fortier, who does not wish to comment on the incident, was targeted because the RBC is one of the main creditors of the TC Energy gas pipeline, which is 760 km long. Far-left anarchist activists opposed to the construction of the pipeline disapprove of the Coastal Gaslink pipeline which crosses Wetʼsuwetʼen territory in its route.

Michael Fortier

Two of Michael Fortier’s vehicles were set on fire last week.

Photo: The Canadian Press/Adrian Wyld

[…] There’s no doubt that Mr. Fortier is comfortable with his boss’s decision to continue funding the Coastal GasLink pipeline (or any other filthy RBC-funded project).we write in this same text.

SPVM investigators met with Michael Fortier and recovered footage from surveillance cameras in the area of ​​the private residence.

In the crosshairs of the police for years

The Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) and the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) are interested in the activities of the Montréal Contre-Information site, which has claimed responsibility for many arson and acts of vandalism for years. railways in recent years.

So far, our information leads us to believe that these militants, who present themselves as anarchists, do not operate in a specific form of grouping. If they were organized in any way under one entity, we would have information about themcommented a police source to the SQ.

Recall that it had opened an investigation in July 2020 when the personal vehicle of Vince Parente had been set on fire at his home in Ste-Thérèse. The latter was an advisor to the Deputy Minister of Public Security for the Montreal region. The case is still unresolved to this day.

During the same summer, in 2020, a dozen SPVM patrol cars, parked behind a neighborhood police station on the Plateau Mont-Royal, were destroyed by fires that were also arson. The gesture had been claimed by anarchists on Montreal Counter-Information.

To be so discreet, we suspect that they are people with common interests who exchange privately in forums or secure applications on smart devices. Without necessarily knowing each other, they decide to take action before disappearingadds another investigator who was interested in the small group that manages the website.

A website hosted in Iceland

According to the analysis of Jean-Philippe Décarie-Mathieu, head of cybersecurity at Commissionaires du Québec Montréal, the Counter-Information site is currently hosted on a 1984.hosting server located in Iceland.

Having tracked website activities, the managers behind this activist message board know very well what they are doing. They clearly have knowledge of security checks having eluded the police for so long. They exercise caution. They only log an IP address of where they are. They are also doing a cleanup of their online activityexplains the cybersecurity specialist.For a few years, the site was on the Rise Up platform which is a hosting site, based in Germany, which offers services to activist groups.

These managers would have an ability to move their server site in just a few hours. A few years ago, they were hosted in France when the SPVM had tried to obtain information from Montreal, without success.

In 2022, it is possible to commit the perfect crime with knowledge and discipline. Caution must be exercised. Then never connect from an IP address where you are. And you also need to clean up your online activitiesadds Mr. Décarie-Mathieu.

For a few years, the site was on the Rise Up platform, which is a Germany-based hosting site offering services to activist groups, explains the cybersecurity specialist.

Officially, neither of the two main police forces in Quebec commented on the investigation file despite the repetition of events related to the website.

Contacted by email, the managers of the Montreal Counter-Information website had not answered Radio-Canada’s questions at the time of publishing this article.


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