A demon stalks France

What happens in France with Eric Zemmour somehow happens in Spain with Isabel Diaz Ayuso, dedicated to the construction of his national character. It is a Trumpism that arises from the banality and the lie as ideological engines, supported by a swarm of irresponsible media that only seek power, ratings and money.

Zemmour has jumped in a few months from the anonymity to be a celebrity national. What happened shows how easy it is to build a monster. All it takes is an unscrupulous businessman like Vincent Bollore, owner of Vivendi and CNews – an emulate of Rupert Murdoch– to give away a runway to nonsense to get the whole country to talk about a 63-year-old polemicist who has overtaken Marine Le Pen’s extreme right on the right.

Although he has not yet announced his candidacy official, Zemmour already ranks second in the polls, behind Emmanuel Macron. The first round of presidential election It will be April 10, 2022; the second, among the two most voted, on the 24th of the same month. The neophyte has dislodged the traditional right and Le Pen, who had moderated the speech to increase his chances of reaching the Elysee. The gap has been filled by a dangerous fanatic.

Political radicalism

The French extreme right he had based his speech on political radicalism, a cocktail between nationalism and chauvinism, as well as a permanent attack on migration. It does not question the rights of homosexuals. His obsessions are politics, not gender.

The difference is that Zemmour represents an anti-abortion extreme right, a defender of the traditional family and anti EU. It places the Muslims in the center of his tirades. He maintains that France is in danger of succumbing to Islam. He assures that there is an invasion that tries to replace the original population with another that imposes its beliefs and customs. It is the thesis of Submission, the novel of Houellebecq, but Zemmour lives it as a fact, not as a fiction.

His speech has caused a strong rejection, something that benefits him, everyone talks about him: traditional media, his rivals and social networks. It is a ball that feeds itself in a society that repeats what it hears without thinking. It happened with the irruption of Trump, before he won the 2016 elections. Nobody believed that a crazy guy, without substance or political experience, could get to president of the USA. We are warned.

The polls are only an alarm signal, they have yet to be confirmed at the polls. The serious thing is that extreme speech has contaminated the other candidates. The Gaullist right, Sarkozy’s, promises a heavy hand on immigration, including a referendum. Two Europeanists like Michel Barnier and Valérie Pécresse, both moderates, propose legal changes so that the French Constitution is above the laws of the EU. Doesn’t this sound like Poland? Even the so-called socialist Arnaud Montebourg proposes that France stop giving money to those countries that do not accept the forwarding of their migrants.

Red lines

The polemicist has crossed all the red lines, including the Pétain, the collaborationist marshal who supported Hitler and sent hundreds of thousands of French Jews to death camps. In a post-truth world, one can be a Jew like Zemmour and defend Pétain as a figure facing the liberator De Gaulle, and say that there are good Jews and bad Jews.

In the liquid world no one asks coherence nor sanity, only that they offer simple answers and point out the enemies. These are times agitated by radical changes that generate concern. The technological revolution will eliminate millions of jobs but will generate others for which we are not yet trained. The white and Christian universe loses its dominance in favor of another multicultural one that demands action to reverse the climate catastrophe. It’s easy for simplistic speeches to catch on with scared people.

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The role of the media and the networks is crucial in spreading hoaxes and extremism. We have contributed to the disappearance of the truth as the engine of politics. Without truth, democracy is not possible.

In Spain it happens with Ayuso, a simplistic character who flirts with the Francoist electorate of VOX and the more conservative postulates that question the abortion laws, equal marriage, LGTBI rights and euthanasia. The televisions air their adventures and occurrences without criticizing their management. He is not Zemmour yet, and may never be, but the way is already clear.


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