A capital project

It comes late, but Minister Geneviève Guilbault will bring together all the forces of the Capitale-Nationale and surrounding areas this spring to present a vision that should lead to the second pole of economic development in Quebec.

The minister responsible had announced her intentions in an interview with Newspaper at the very beginning of the year.

Next step, according to our information, members of civil society, business people and elected officials from Quebec, Lévis, and neighboring municipalities will be summoned to a forum to unite them.

The event in preparation could be held in April.

The Minister, who has wanted for some time to implement a global vision of metropolitan development, believes that the stars are aligned to unite the forces of the two shores and the peripheries.

She should have done it much earlier in her term.

It must be said, however, that Régis Labeaume was a factor of resistance.


Stakeholders will be consulted on various issues with a view to developing the strategy.

There is of course the crucial element of transportation planning. The lack of labor is an obstacle to attracting large companies.

Also, tourism development needs to be better coordinated, for example.

According to what we hear, it would be a vision for the next few years, with objectives set for different sectors, so that everyone works side by side and not each on his own.

Merchant Facilitator

Already, François Legault had discussed it with the mayor of Quebec Bruno Marchand in November.

The Prime Minister has accepted that Geneviève Guilbault begin this project, which transcends her responsibility for the Capitale-Nationale.

It remains to be seen whether everyone will agree to participate, from Côte-de-Beaupré to Pont-Rouge, via Bellechasse and the others.

Beyond the openings expressed here and there, can all these circles agree to work on a common objective, taking into account their respective reality?


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