6 applications to listen to podcasts

Although the podcast is a format that is used to be downloaded in a iPod mediante la iTunes platformthe success of this type of content legally with the appearance of the acclaimed aggregators or podcast directories, which transmit their content via streaming and that he converted at the point of access to millions of interviews, narratives and debates that read to us through the works of health.

At the global level, more than 380 million people listen to podcasts on some of these platforms during the 2021, it is said that a quintet of the global population that uses internet listening podcasts during the past year. In Mexico, 28 million people listen to a podcast at least one month in 2021.

Although Apple Podcast is the platform that the state authorities prefer for listen to podcast, with 34.9% of total users in United States; in Latin America, the situation is different: 75.07% of the people who listen to the podcast do so mainly through Spotify; follow the video platform Youtubewith 25.25%; iVooxwhich accounts for 17.1% of Latin American audiences and has the number of places to host the Apple Podcast, with 15% of the market share, according to Encuesta Pod 2021elaborated by the organization Podcasteros.

These are his applications for listening to such a podcast in iOS as in Android:

Spotify (iOS and Android)

Spotify on Solo is one of the global-level applications for listening to music, also converted to one of the preferred podcast directories in Mexico. In recent years, Spotify has acquired a variety of companies dedicated to some sections of the podcast product line: Anchor, Parcast and Podz, with which it is perfect as the application for hacking and listening podcasts. However, the Premium version of this application promises to eliminate commercial advertisements during reproduction, is not successful in the case of podcasts that include proper publicity.

2. Podimo (iOS and Android)

Between 2020 and 2021, the Danish application to listen to the podcast Podimo comenzó to cover its services in 20 countries of Latin America, including Mexico. With 50,000 podcasts in Spanish and 650,000 in English in the free version, the application has been released to Audible and Amazon Music as part of the podcast market in Latin America.

3. Apple Podcast (iOS)

Apple Podcast follows the original succession line between podcast applications. The podcasts will be released thanks to Apple’s innovation innovations: the iPod and the iTunes platform (here’s the term podcast). Without embarrassment, with the streaming revolution, Apple decided to create an exclusive application, which is very useful for women who are part of the manzanita ecosystem, for all of them, there are many other options.

Google Podcast (iOS and Android)

Google launched Google Podcast in 2018 and this application has added accelerated form to the list of most used applications for listening to podcasts. Although it has a lean design, it has a lot of visual experience that offers other platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcast, some of the main ventures of this application of the technological giant and the ability to change the speed of reproduction, integration that has with Google’s intelligent alerts.

5. Overcast (iOS)

Nacida in United States in 2014, Overcast offers a combination of design, audio and podcast management features. Throughout this application, podcast podcasts can be managed with much ease of reproduction and podcast downloads; in addition to being allowed to reproduce from a download or mediate streaming service.

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