Daroca de Rioja, which does not reach 50 inhabitants, has a restaurant with a Michelin star, the For sale Moncalvillo, of the brothers Ignacio and Carlos Echapresto, record-breaking uniqueness. There are more people in the restaurant than in the town. Resistance is his motto, but not from suffering, but from conviction. The Moon influences the menus: Crescent Moon and Full Moon. Long live the lunatics.

In Ezcaray, the Paniego and, always in memory, Marisa sanchez, who was the matriarch and recipe maker with as much influence as the croquette, celebrated as one of the best from here to Ganymede, and breaded hake.

Echaurren is a hotel, with one of the best beds that can be found; The Portal of Echaurren, with two stars, and Echaurren Tradition, where Marisa’s stews are eternal. It is Francis Paniego the one responsible for keeping the flame high and his brother Boss, that the bottles are uncovered with the well-deserved reverence that precedes joy.

In Haro, on a pedestrian street that starts from the Plaza de San Martín, the restaurant Nublo, the alliance of Miguel Caño, Dani Lasa and Llorenç Sagarra, the three former Mugaritz, housed in a 16th century building. Stone and history for a culinary from another time that is this: wood oven, grill and inexpensive kitchen.

The elementary requires great complexities: it is only one lamb skirt with crystal peppers but the magic carpet appears in the mouth. They opened in July and the amazement is how fast and well they have interwoven with customers.


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