400G networks, network infrastructure that sends information at 400 Gigabit

Latin America and, of course, Mexico are facing a prevailing need for telecommunications infrastructure, after the sanitary constraint caused by the coronavirus pandemic doubled the demand for fixed broadband internet service in 2020, putting even more pressure on the networks, now for the which I use productively or educationally applications and in the background for those of entertainment.

This was demonstrated when the demand for telecommunications application infrastructure saturated the capacity of the networks already installed, which in turn caused fixed broadband speed reductions in several Latin American countries, for example in Chile and Ecuador, where the speed of navigation was reduced. by up to 19.6% due to the pressure suffered by the networks, according to a report by CAF-Development Bank of Latin America.

The pandemic also revealed that 38% of Latin Americans do not have real access to internet service and this is due to the lack of infrastructure installed across the region, from Chile to Mexico. More critically, according to a World Bank report for the year 2021, only 9.9% of Latin American households have Internet access through a high-quality fiber-optic connection.

Furukawa Electric LatAm sees in this diagnosis the potential to increase the 68% Internet penetration offered by the Latin American region at the beginning of the year 2022, with the provision of a broad portfolio of infrastructure solutions to increase connectivity across the region. on top of that with solutions developed in environmentally friendly technology.

Furukawa 400G Ready is part of the strategy of this Japanese company with more than 130 years of history and almost a decade in Mexico to support telecommunications operators and governments to improve internet penetration, here with consultation and structured cabling solutions, high-capacity buyer or fiber optics; with components for data centers and also with inputs that respect the environment and with a useful life of up to 25 years.

The company now warns that demand for fixed broadband will continue to increase and evolve into new, more robust, faster and friendlier networks.

Today, 400G networks are that network infrastructure that sends information at 400 Gigabits per second (400G). These are networks that can better route and transport information and manage it throughout its journey, unlike previous infrastructure. Some of these networks are evolutions from previous ones that ran at ten, forty and one hundred gigabits just five years ago because the high demand for capacity forced the industry to think of more powerful networks soon and that is why some of the networks become 400G already a reality in the market thanks to Furukawa Electric.

“There is a great need for telecommunications from the beginning of the pandemic to today and not everyone who should be connected is still connected. Coverage has grown, but demands have also grown, so we need to be prepared for 400G networks, said Rafael Goes of Furukawa Electric LatAm’s product and application engineering, “There is now talk of 400G connectivity for installed data centers, but we need to solve the future with the transfer rates for the solutions to come; since artificial intelligence, for example, will require a lot of bandwidth to be able to work (…) we also need to imagine the future in modular solutions ”.

With this, Goes that the needs of users, companies, government bodies or final consumers, happen because they all require specific solutions, with specific and scalable infrastructure.

Furukawa Electric wants to take operators and governments along the best route in the construction of telecommunications infrastructure so that the digital divide in Latin America can be closed sooner.

“It is important that we visualize modular solutions when using impact solutions, which help us to work indoors and in the field, therefore it is important to identify the ways of working and the market, to use structured cabling and its components and create new infrastructure, ”said Rafael Goes.

“Today’s theme is to connect solutions that help us to be faster and more precise, that surpass the quality of the traditional with panels that are fully assembled (…) It is very important that we can visualize what we have installed in order to structure our growth according to the demands of customers, it is necessary to know the evolution of cabling and technology. “

Furukawa Electric therefore has the 400G Ready program of innovation, robustness and respect for ecology, but also with pre- and after-sales consultation, but above all with support linked to the specific needs of each customer.

With information from Nicholas Lucas.


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