4 recommended movies to watch this weekend on Netflix, Amazon, Filmin, HBO, Movistar + and FlixOlé

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It’s official: summer is over. Not everything is going to be bad news. What better plan than an autumn weekend where you can sit on the couch with a blanket and watch a good movie? On this weekend of September 25 to 26 you plan to stay at home, we have four recommendations in a cinephile key for you that you can find on platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Filmin, Movistar +, HBO and FlixOlé.

Like every Saturday, from SERIES & MÁS we make a cinephile filter so that you don’t have to leave your head thinking and choosing between the endless catalog titles. On this occasion we highlight the only cinephile premiere of the week, a classic of Spanish cinema that has returned to the forefront due to the death of its director, a critically acclaimed biopic and a winner of the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival .

A premiere: ‘The starling’ (Netflix)

‘The starling’ | Trailer | Netflix

What is it about

After the death of their only child, a married couple deals with trauma differently. Jack (Chris O’Dowd) lives temporarily in a psychiatric facility, while Lilly (Melissa McCarthy) remains in the real world, dealing with her own guilt and an internal struggle that paralyzes her in her day-to-day life. The appearance of a starling that has nested in her yard and that begins to harass and attack her leads the woman to seek help from Larry (Kevin Kline), a quirky psychologist turned vet with his own traumatic past. Together they will realize that the troubled relationship with the bird is nothing more than a representation of the traumatic loss that Libby has experienced in the last year.

Why you should see it

Netflix premieres the new job of the director of Hidden figuress (a proposal that knew how to move skillfully between various tones and genres), a film starring Melissa McCarthy with a tone halfway between lightness and melodrama. It is not exactly the best addition of the year in the Netflix catalog, but it is the only option if you want to see a premiere movie on the platform.

An unforgettable classic: ‘The holy innocents’ (HBO, Movistar + and FlixOlé)

Still from The Holy Innocents, a Mario Camus film.

Still from The Holy Innocents, a Mario Camus film.

What is it about

Franco’s Spain. During the sixties, a family of peasants lived miserably in an Extremaduran farmhouse under the rule of the landowner. His life is renunciation, sacrifice and obedience. Their destiny is marked, unless some unforeseen event allows them to break their chains.

Why you should see it

The death of the Santander Mario camus At the age of 86, he has brought one of the best films in the history of Spanish cinema back to the forefront of today. It is not a hyperbole derived from the loss of a great: The holy innocents is a masterful adaptation of the classic by Miguel Delibes and one of the films that have portrayed with more honesty and emotion the experience of being Spanish in the Franco years. As if they weren’t enough reasons, the unforgettable performances of Paco Rabal and Alfredo Landa, awarded at the Cannes Film Festival in a historic moment for Spanish cinema, complete the poker of reasons not to miss an undeniable classic.

A festival phenomenon: ‘The scared tit’ (Filmin)

What is it about

Fausta suffers from “The scared teat”, a disease that is transmitted through the mother’s milk of battered women during the times of terrorism in Peru. The infected are born without a soul, because from the fright they hid in the ground, and carry an atavistic terror that completely isolates them. But Fausta hides something else; he keeps a secret that he does not want to reveal, until the sudden death of his mother unleashes unexpected events that will transform his life and that of others.

Why you should see it

Claudia Llosa made the news when she succeeded in her first participation in the San Sebastian Festival with Rescue distance, the adaptation of the novel by Samanta Schweblin. The Peruvian is not a rookie on the Class A festival circuit. With her second job she won the prestigious Berlin Golden Bear and sneaked into the quintet of contenders for the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. The scared tit is a story about mothers and daughters, traumas and customs, shot beautifully by Llosa’s camera. His careful photography, the sequence shots or the intervention of Magauly Solier they elevate a drama that plays suggestively with grungy realism and magic.

Un biopic: ‘Jackie’ (Amazon Prime Video)

The life of Jackie Kennedy changes forever when her husband John F. Kennedy, President of the United States, is assassinated in Dallas, Texas. The woman not only has to face the loss of her husband, she must also face the impact that his death has caused throughout the world.

Why you should see it

After going somewhat unnoticed in his leap to television in the United States with Lisey’s story, the Chilean Pablo Larrain has returned to its best level with Spencer. It is not something new that the director of No and The club get close to such an iconic public figure as Lady Di. Jackie already offered a dark and psychological look at the myth of Jackie Onassis, the First Lady who had to overcome the murder of her husband while fighting to keep her legacy alive. Thanks an atmospheric soundtrack by Mica Levi, an extraordinary interpretation of Natalie Portman (probably even higher than his Oscar for Black Swan) and the director’s suffocating camera, the film rises like one of the best biopics of the last decade.

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