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Washington state officials announced that they have eradicated another Asian giant hornet nest.

The Washington State Department of Agriculture announced that it had located the second nest of Asian giant hornets, sometimes referred to as “killer hornets,” in Whatcom County this year and it was removed on Saturday.

Click to play video: '' Murder Hornets 'buzzing closer to BC'

‘Murder Hornets’ buzzing closer to BC

‘Murder Hornets’ buzzing closer to BC – August 27, 2021

A third nest has also been located and plans are underway to eradicate it as well.

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Agriculture officials destroyed the first nest of 2021 last month.

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‘Killer Wasp’ Nest Near US-Canada Border Destroyed, Washington State Officials Say

All nests have been located within a few miles of each other.

Hornets can grow up to two inches long and are the largest hornets in the world. They have large, yellow heads, black eyes, a black body, and a black and yellow striped abdomen.

While they are not considered particularly dangerous to humans, the BC Invasive Species Council warns that they are capable of producing painful stings and are a threat to people allergic to bees and wasps.

Anyone who sees one of the hornets in BC is urged to report it to the Invasive Species Council at 1-888-933-3722 or on your website.

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