Kuujjuaq: a city heated by underground heat

We could heat the entire city of Kuujjuaq using underground heat instead of polluting fossil fuels such as oil or diesel, say geologists. At the bottom of a well three to four kilometers underground, it is hot enough to boil water. By bringing it to the surface, we could supply a power station that would […]

EDITORIAL: Close down Roxham Road

Article content Why is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau still inviting illegal immigration into Canada at Roxham Road? It needs to stop. Article content The Quebec-New York state entry point is not an official crossing. But what began as a dirt path that a few scofflaws used to sneak into the country morphed into a full […]

Industry and commerce in Colombia accelerate growth rate in March, predict robust GDP expansion

Industrial production and retail sales in Colombia registered double-digit growth in March, driven by robust domestic consumption, which anticipates a favorable performance of the economy in the first quarter, said on Friday the National Department of Statistics (DANE). The manufacturing industry reported an increase in its production of 12.3% year-on-year in March, surpassing even the […]

Trends show fewer farms, aging population of farmers in Sask.: StatsCan | The Canadian News

Over the last five years, Saskatchewan has lost 395 farms, according to Statistics Canada’s latest agriculture census.  The 2021 census of agriculture says Saskatchewan now has 34,128 farms, down from 34,523 in 2016 — a 1.1 per cent drop, and part of a longer trend. In 2001, the province had 50,598 farms, Statistics Canada says. The number of farm operators […]