Friday, December 3

The list of ministers of the German Greens is: Habeck Vice Chancellor

The German Greens leader Robert Habeck is to become Vice Chancellor in a future federal government with the SPD and FDP. In addition, he will become climate and economics minister, as emerges from a letter from the green federal manager Michael Kellner to party members today.

In the internal power struggle, the former party leader Cem Özdemir prevailed against parliamentary group leader Anton Hofreiter. Özdemir becomes Minister of Agriculture and Food. Steffi Lemke is to become Minister for the Environment and Anne Spiegel from Rhineland-Palatinate to be Minister for Family.

As expected, the Federal Foreign Office goes to the party chief Annalena Baerbock. The previous Bundestag Vice-President Claudia Roth will become Minister of State for Culture and Media in the Chancellery.

Imagery of a turning point

The coalition was fixed yesterday. When she first went public, she looked like the new investigators of a series format. Berlin 2021 is obvious: “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”.

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