Sunday, October 17

Sánchez has a coffee with ice with Illa while the dialogue table is assembled

The president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and the PSC leader in Parliament, Salvador Badly, have met in a bar near the headquarters of the PSC in Barcelona while the Government-Generalitat dialogue table was held and before the leadership of the Catalan socialist party met.

Coming from the Generalitat after meeting with Pere Aragonès, Sánchez arrived at around 6:10 p.m. at a bar near the PSC headquarters. Both socialist leaders spoke for a while while Sánchez had a coffee with ice and Illa an infusion.

After coffee, Sánchez has participated in the extraordinary Permanent of the PSC. PSC sources have explained to Europa Press that the Permanent Office has met to assess the meeting between the two executives and that, in the end, they have been able to count on Sánchez’s presence.

Match table

This meeting of the Chief Executive with the Catalan Socialists after the dialogue table comes after Salvador Illa has repeatedly asked Aragonès to bring together the Catalan party table with representation in the Parliament to be able to transfer to the dialogue table between governments what he considers would be a more transversal position and not only of the pro-independence part.

Illa already warned in July that, if Aragonès did not convene the table of Catalan parties that had been approved by the Parliament, he would find a way for the dialogue between Catalans it will be carried out, and precisely Sánchez has transferred Aragonès in the meeting that counts “with all the Catalans and not only with a part of them”.

After Aragonès has met with Sánchez without calling the match table, Sánchez has thus met with the socialists Catalan, who won the last elections but did not have enough support in Parliament to govern.

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