Friday, September 24

Government support is insufficient for residents of RPAs

My mother has been living in an RPA (private residence for the elderly) since May 4, 2020.

In recent weeks, she has needed more care, and therefore more and more help from the staff (attendants, nurses). Her doctor recently prescribed compression stockings for her legs because they swell during the day. Unfortunately, she is unable to put them on without assistance. Of course, the residence offers this service, but it costs $ 235 / month to put them on each morning, and $ 235 / month to take them off each evening.

My mother is entitled to a tax credit for seniors in private residences in Quebec of 30%. The net amount payable is therefore $ 329. However, her old age pension and guaranteed income supplement are clearly insufficient for these costs, which are added to the monthly amount billed by the residence for my mother’s accommodation. Not to mention the other services billed for assistance with accompanying people to the dining room and back to their room. All services are à la carte in these residences. To all this, we must add the other expenses my mother paid: incontinence towels, panties (diapers), toilet paper, handkerchiefs, etc.

Thus, government assistance for low-income seniors living in RPPs must be greatly increased. I go even further: all these services should be paid for by the government.

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