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Bac philosophy: “We expected to be prepared, and we are going with our hands in our pockets”

They describe a year “Chaotic”, “Fluctuating”, ” serrated “, “Disjointed”. Philosophy lessons every other week, with ” not much “ in the meantime to move forward alone. Visios where “We hear nothing”, notions learned on YouTube and teachers who try as best they can to move forward, having spent part of the year wondering if the ordeal would be maintained.

For Aram, Thelma, Sofiane and the others, who are part of the 526,000 students applying for general and technological baccalaureates, the philosophy test must nevertheless take place on Thursday, June 17. Admittedly, it is arranged: there are three essay subjects to choose from instead of two, as well as a text commentary. And, difference in size with a “normal” year, only the best mark, between the test and the continuous assessment, will be kept.

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It prevents, “It’s still the bac”. And like all her comrades, Eloïse Hoedt did not feel “Not ready”. His high school in Chantilly (Oise) went into semi-gauges after returning from the All Saints holidays – as is the case for all the high school students we interviewed. The shift of one day out of two fell badly for her, because it blew up the hours of philosophy each time. “There were whole weeks when I didn’t have lessons, reports the high school student. It was not easy to follow the virtual classroom, where we did not hear much. Suddenly, those who were in class sent their notes to others. “

No table essay

For Eloise, the revisions of the test are just as “Chaotic” that the year which ends: his teacher, “Not very connected”, did not make himself available to answer questions during reviews. “We hardly heard about the bac, she regrets. We did only one mock exam in the year, and I didn’t do a lot of text studies, so I don’t really know how to do it. ”

Eloïse, a final year student, in her brother's bedroom office, which she uses for her revisions, in Coye-La-Forêt (Oise), June 16, 2021.

Aram Terzian, a high school student in Paris, did not do any table essays, only “Detailed plans” and knowledge checks. He frankly bursts out laughing when told about the commentary, one of the subjects to choose from. “My teacher advised us not to take this subject, which has the reputation of being rated more severely, he says. As a result, we have not seen the methodology at all. ” There remain the three essay subjects. Fortunately, they are more numerous than usual, adds the young man, who lists the notions that have been overlooked: art, work, technique, religion, reason, science, nature and the truth…

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