Monday, September 27

Video. June 6, 1944: what are the most famous photos of the D-Day hiding behind? – Flashback # 3

Grainy, blurry, overexposed… the eleven photos taken by Robert Capa during the Normandy landings, at Omaha Beach, are nevertheless legendary. Captured as close as possible to the fighting, on one of the D-Day hot spots, they give the measure of the anguish and the courage of the Allied soldiers on June 6, 1944.

Behind the lens: Robert Capa, the most famous photojournalist of his time. Under the bursts of machine guns, water to mid-chest, Capa triggers his camera. How many times ? More than a hundred, according to the photoreporter and his Life, the magazine that sent it there. But if only eleven pictures have come down to us, it is because a young laboratory assistant from London would have missed a stage in the development of dandruff, causing almost all of them to burn.

Too good a story? An American reporter from the New York Times has been investigating for several years, which questions the official version.


Third episode of our “Flashback” video series, about the stories behind the world’s most famous photos.

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