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Opinion | Colombia: The perfect excuse for vandalism

EVENTS. A protester attacks a bank during a new day of mobilizations on May 5, in the center of Bogotá. Photo: Efe / Juan Páez.

Beatriz de Majo, internationalist. Photo screenshot.

By Beatriz De Majo

The reform of the Income Tax Law was the perfect excuse to turn Colombia into a powder keg. They have succeeded and the damage does not only affect private property and businesses. By this time, 25 Colombians have fallen and more than 700 injured in the streets of cities inflamed by violence.

A man and a girl died after the overflow of a river in Machiques

It makes sense that there is annoyance and unease in the country due to the enormous social and economic problems that, far from being solved, have deepened during the current government. The reasons given are not valid, not even their sum: neither the health drama caused by the COVID pandemic, nor the excessive flow of Venezuelan refugees, nor the worsening of instability led by the guerrillas and drug trafficking, nor the disorders caused on the Arauca border, nor the rampant inflation.

It is true that the government of Iván Duque has had to act as a conjurer, with many balls in the air since the Palace of Nariño was placed in its hands, but this does not excuse it for having allowed the situation in the country to deteriorate and that the quality of life regressed so rapidly.

The destruction and deaths that have been seen in the streets as a consequence of the call for a strike have no correspondence with the fact that originates them. A tax reform project, however untimely, inconvenient and unfair as it may be, is not a sufficient reason to disorganize the country and produce a greater disaster at a time when Colombia needs greater calm.

What happens is that this mistake by the Duque administration to propose a new article for the Income Tax Law has been very well used as a trigger to feed general discontent. What it is about is the vile use of collective disagreement in favor of chaos, because chaos always generates benefits for those who know how to extract benefits from it. Turning into indignation and satiety the explainable disappointment of many at the lack of progress in solving national problems results in what we have been witnessing through the manipulation of the masses: disorders in which the leaders of the radical left are masters. that have been taking shape and occupying spaces in the neighboring land. It is what the pro-totalitarian French philosophers call the “Deconstruction Theory.”

The first step is to cut off the flow of normality in a country with violent events that affect daily life. Transportation services are stopped, the population is sowed with fear of going out into the street, and the operation of schools is prevented. In two dishes the normal functioning of society is hindered as they did in Chile at the end of 2020.

Then a greater dose of hatred and disagreement of the population is inoculated towards the institutions and their representatives when using the public harangue to explain how the population upheaval is not only produced by the tax reform but is fueled by poverty, inequality, the sanitary chaos, the high cost of living.

Ultimately, the goal is to discredit the security forces in charge of containing vandalism and returning cities to normalcy. Today, the Colombian soldiers are no more than evil repressors.

The Colombian chaos is not going to stop. Disorder will continue to escalate, and will continue to be driven by a dislocated left that has its sights set on the 2022 elections. In less than two weeks a new call will also include the indigenous component, other of the great forgotten of the Colombian future.

The ultimate goal of all this is to tune in to people’s anguish, but to do it in a perverse way.

What the government, the institutions and the parties of the center and right, as well as the press, businessmen and other forces in the country have to do is to soon reestablish citizen life based on the rule of law. And secondly, to obtain reliable evidence that shows that the destabilizing operations come from the extremists, also from abroad, and to prove who finances, advises or participates in the project of sowing chaos.

Sitting down to negotiate the law that has already been withdrawn does not rhyme to anything.


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