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The ‘I accuse’ of Kevin’s father: “The agents acted with fear and before them they killed my son”

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Humberto is emotionally torn by the violent death of his son, but what torments his conscience the most is that his life was taken from him in front of two local police officers and two civil guards. “They could have saved him: those agents took him out of his friend’s house when he had taken refuge so as not to fight with those people “, reflects with integrity this 51-year-old Colombian, who has no more tears to shed because now he only thinks of” claiming Justice “for Kevin’s murder in court.

“In the hands of my lawyers I have put them to analyze if we can take legal action against the local police and the civil guards who intervened: for my part I would like “, as Humberto advances. The decision has been made after viewing the three videos that Marta, Kevin’s sentimental partner, made at dawn on Saturday minutes before his son received several knives after being attacked for ‘El Tente’, his brother, ‘El Balilla’, his mother, Angelita, and his father, Inocente, all in the presence of local police and civil guards.

The recordings have been unveiled exclusively by EL ESPAÑOL and they show that the fight that preceded the homicide was started by what was once Marta’s in-laws when she was dating ‘El Tente’.

– Humberto: Have you had the strength to see the three recordings prior to the death of your son?

– Yes, they are heartbreaking videos. It’s amazing how they caught my boy.

Involved in the knife death of Kevin Morales in Jumilla.

In the first video, carried out at two in the morning on Saturday, it is visualized how Angelita, 39, appears on Miguel de Unamuno street in Jumilla and rubs a knife across her genitals in front of 20-year-old Kevin; his girlfriend, Marta, 21, and a friend. A few seconds later, the grandmother, Charo, appears on the scene, carrying a stick with which she hits Marta. The attack continues with Angelita taking the stick from her mother to beat the twentysomething.

“In the video You can see that she wants to beat him up with sticks and Kevin did not want to hit her, but he kicks him to get rid of it and defends himself until he locks himself in his friend’s house. “This moment is key in this homicide: it is 2.15 in the morning and the Civil Guard Services Operational Center receives One of the two women who had initiated the attack, Angelita or Charo, called 112 to report that she had been the victim of an attack.

A caller reported that she was attacked with a stick to the head by a person, who was at a home“, as confirmed by the Benemérita. A patrol with two civil guards went to the home on Miguel de Unamuno Street, the house of Marta and Kevin’s friend, where the wedding couple had taken refuge.

When the patrol got there, the Local Police were already there“As established in the protocol, the agents of the Armed Institute went to that building to ask what had happened: that trick of Angelita and Charo allowed them to continue on the street to lurk. “Kevin and Marta locked themselves in their friend’s house to protect themselves”, Humberto remarks.

A source of The Civil Guard continues detailing that the agents went to the property to request that the young people identify themselves. “The whole family of Angelita was in the street and they forced Kevin to come out to explain what happened because that woman had denounced him,” complains the father of the deceased. “The agents could not enter his friend’s house because they did not have a court order, but my son did not want to commit contemptHis girlfriend, Marta, came out first, and then Kevin, then that’s when they all came over him. ”

Kevin and Marta together a frame of the fight that resulted in a homicide in Jumilla.


The video of the controversy

At that moment, Marta went to a corner of the street and took out her phone again to record the third video: 46 seconds of sobs that herald a gruesome ending. ‘El Tente’, Marta’s ex-boyfriend, walks straight towards Kevin without caring that a civil guard, equipped with a defense, is taking him by the shoulder. In fact, in the video you can see, and hear clearly, how ‘El Tente’ slaps the agent twice, but this is limited to surround him with an arm at chest level to take him from the place. However, ‘El Tente’ stars in a new contempt for the uniformed man, removing his arm in bad manners and walking towards Kevin again.

The agent instead of going after the ‘Tente’, chooses to go to meet Inocente, the father of Marta’s ex-boyfriend, who also arrives very aggressive. To all this, in the sequence, there is a moment in which ‘El Balilla’ moves at his own pace and turns around to say “whore” to Marta. The young woman begins to cry in panic. The members of this family continue to move decisively towards Kevin, who walks backwards into a dimly lit street: the wolf’s mouth.

However, The officers standing in front of Kevin scold the assailants: “Be still now!”, “Stop!” or “Listen to me!” It is evident that neither ‘El Tente’; nor his minor brother, ‘El Balilla’; nor his mother, Angelita; not even their father, Inocente, is there to talk, but the officials try to stop them by grabbing them. Marta stops recording when she sees that her previous in-laws are attacking her sentimental partner: Kevín received several stab wounds in the stomach and died in the operating room of the Virgen del Castillo Hospital in Yecla.

Kevin with his sisters and parents at Christmas.

Kevin with his sisters and parents at Christmas.


In Yecla they handed him over to me when he was born on April 14, 2001 and in Yecla they handed him over to me dead on May 1, 2021“Humberto, a Colombian who, since he arrived in Spain, fell down working in the fields, in a butcher shop and currently as a driver.” I am eternally grateful to this country of which I have nothing bad to talk about, since I have been here Residing for 22 years, I made my life here with my wife, with my daughters, whom I have raised, but I only needed my child and they would not let me finish my work. “

This carrier, a native of Santa Rosa de Cabal, cHe saddened EL ESPAÑOL that his son “loved hairdressing: he had done three courses in Alicante, he was saving to set up a barber shop in Jumilla and I was going to help him. ”Humberto had started looking at places where the youngest of his three children, the only boy, could fulfill his dream of starting his own business.

Kevin was my personal hairdresser: I bought him his machines“He lovingly details in the only moment he smiles, remembering the” reserved “teenager who won several national bicicross championships. We have contacted a journalist in Colombia to start a campaign to ask for Justice for my son“, he announces without losing his composure at any moment of the interview with EL ESPAÑOL, despite this hard trance.” Death comes the day it arrives, but what is not fair is that it has been this way: it is not like that. I accept because it could be avoided. “

– What do you think of the intervention of the two local policemen and the two civil guards that appear in the third video prior to the fatal attack on Kevin?

– What I see in the video is that they acted, for me, with fear, because the aggressors sent more than they did. And it is so clear that when the video is cut is when Marta saw that they threw themselves on top of Kevin and went to help him. When she got rid of them, they went after Marta, but my son, already wounded, got up to defend her until the end, otherwise they would have killed her too.

– Do you think that the agents should have used their batons or show their regulation weapons to deter the aggressors?

I’m not saying they had to shoot or attack them, but I did show them more energy, more courage. I notice them as nervous, more afraid than anything else. I do not agree with violence, I am from a good family, but if they had been more energetic, I think they would have been able to control it. They could have handcuffed them and took my son out to ask him what had happened, but they took him out with them and that is what I claim. They took him out of his friend’s house without any security and these people pounced on me and killed him. What I dispute is that they took it out without any security. My child did not want to leave that house. As agents of the law, before any action, you first have to insure people, and they took it out without thinking about what could happen. If my child does not get out of that house, maybe he would be alive.

– Do you think it was a mistake to take Kevin and Marta out of the house of their friend where they got into after the start of the fight with Angelita?

– As soon as he came out they were on him and that was when they killed him and the local police and civil guards did nothing, because when Marta stops recording it is to go help him because they are on top of him. My child, after being injured, went to help Marta and the Police without doing anything.

– What do you think of the vandalism that occurred in Jumilla at the Kevin memorial rally?

– I was impressed by all the people who came and I am very grateful, but I am not in favor of what happened. We cannot ask for Justice with violence and violence will not give me back my child.

The The Civil Guard has confirmed that it has not initiated any file to clarify whether the intervention of the agents who mobilized that night was in accordance with the protocol. A source from the Armed Institute maintains that when the patrol arrived at the house, located on Miguel de Unamuno street, “Marta and Kevin, as well as other companions, left the home and in that attempt the four agents (two local police officers and two Civil guards) so that both did not approach, it overflowed them “. Subsequently, the fatal assault occurred.

El Tente assaults Kevin and falls to the ground with an agent of the Civil Guard and the Local Police who try to separate them. In that struggle, the agents observe how the hand of the main suspect, ‘El Tente’, made an incised movement towards the victim’s abdomen and then threw a set of keys to the ground that was a camouflaged two-inch knife: a simulated weapon . Meanwhile, the rest of the officers were trying to contain the other relatives who are beaten. “

This Tuesday, the mayor of Jumilla, Juana Guardiola, defended at a press conference the intervention of the two local police who traveled to the scene of the murder. To questions from this newspaper, he refused to clarify whether the City Council has opened -or not- an investigation to see if the officials acted in accordance with the protocol and put all the necessary means to try to repel the deadly aggression.

Humberto is not convinced by these explanations and waits for his lawyers to confirm if he can file legal actions against the Security Forces so that a court can clarify whether his intervention was negligent. “They could have stopped the situation, but they did nothing, it seemed that those who were in command were the hitmen“.

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