Monday, May 10

Large victory of the Spanish right at the regional Madrid

Large victory in the Madrid regions of the Spanish right on Tuesday.

Isabel Díaz Ayuso should return to her chair as president of the region, after a campaign focused on its handling of the coronavirus crisis, with much more permissive measures than the rest of the Spanish regions.

The only notable incident during the vote was a Femen protest against the far-right party Vox candidate as she walked to the polling station. Her party gained two more seats and now has 14 elected members.

The Socialist Party for its part would get only 28 seats, nine less than in the previous legislature, while Unidas Podemos rebounded and would go from seven to eleven deputies.

With up to 65 seats, the PP is only only four seats of the absolute majority in the regional parliament.

More than five million people were called to the polls, and the turnout skyrocketed – up 11% from 2019.

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