Sunday, April 18

Finland: the world’s largest “ice rink”

A huge circle more than 300 meters in diameter has been cut out of the ice. In the west of Finland, on the vast lake of Lappajärvi, in the west of the country, men are busy breaking an unusual record: building the largest “ice rink” in the world. The concept has been around for several years. years and was listed in the Guinness World Records by Finnish inventor Janne Käpylehto.

I have created the world’s largest ice rink four times, but the record is currently held by my friend Chuck Zwilling from Minnesota, USA. He made a carousel 228 meters in diameter and we are trying to make it even bigger“, he explains.

It’s not easy to spin a piece of ice this size.

Nothing is perfect in the world, but the ice merry-go-round has to be perfect, because if it is not perfectly circular, it does not turn. It must therefore be measured and then opened with precision.“, explains Thor-Fredric Karlsson, one of the members of the project.

a boat motor connected to the circle of ice spins it around. To certify the performance, a full revolution must be completed.

Beyond the record, the project aims above all to alert the public to the effects of climate change, particularly visible in this Nordic country, where winters are getting shorter and shorter.

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