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It almost shows even the liver. Daughter of Lili Estefan appears with mini shorts, but betrays her and teaches much more than the ‘piernón’ (PHOTOS)

PHOTO: Mezcalent.

  • Lili Estefan’s daughter surprises her followers on social networks
  • The young woman wore a mini short
  • Her followers told her that she looked like a “professional model.”

Like a model with her mother’s legs? Lina Luaces, daughter of Lili Estefan, surprises in social networks by posing in photography with mini shorts, looking incredible, to such a degree that her followers tell her that she looks like a professional model.

The little daughter of the host of the show E Gordo and La Flaca, Lili Estefan, Lina Luaces, surprised her more than 88 thousand followers by posing in front of the camera with a mini shorts.

In the publication you can see three photographs, where Lina Luaces appeared with a top in colors between pink, yellow, blue and orange, while she was sitting, showing off a mini short, a garment that made her long and tanned legs stand out even more .

PHOTO: Instagram. Lina Luaces

In the second image, the driver’s daughter is now standing, with the sun setting directly over her slim and statuesque body, now with her hair down, while in the third photograph the young woman posed turning back and in the shadow of the place, in all wearing a neutral face.

This photo was shared on her Instagram on August 10, 2020, receiving more than 7,000 likes and endless comments, highlighting how beautiful Lili Estefan’s daughter looked in her photo in mini shorts.

Lina luaces

PHOTO: Instagram. Lina Luaces

To such a degree that several of her followers argued that the young woman looked like a professional model in that express photo shoot.

A follower, a loyal admirer of Lina Luaces, commented to her: “All a professional model, very pretty, congratulations.”

You can see the photograph of Lina Luaces, daughter of Lili Estefan, host of The fat and the skinny here.

Lili Estefan’s daughter captivates her fans with photography in mini shorts that exposes her spiky legs

It has not been the first time that the daughter of Lili Estefan and the businessman Lorenzo Luaces surprises with a photograph in mini shorts on social networks, since it was last November where the young woman surprised everyone with her Halloween costume.

It all happened through a publication that the young woman made in her bill official Instagram @linaluaces, in which he appears in a photograph next to a amiga.

This is the most recent postcard that the young woman publishes on her social networks and it has been so successful that it has almost 4,300 likes reactions and was about to reach 100 comments.

Lina luaces

PHOTO: Instagram. Lina Luaces

People immediately noticed the great figure that the model possesses, who has already ventured into some catwalks in the United States.

And with this outfit she made it clear that she is a woman who has a great body, just as her mother had in her best days.

The costume was used on the occasion of Halloween and appears to be from an Air Force element, since he pretends to be a paratrooper.

For his part, his companion dressed as a special agent of the Swat, but with a kind of miniskirt, which also caused sighs among the male audience.

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