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“I already cried a lot.” After fear of going blind, Allisson Lozz reappears and with a swollen face, tells of the ‘miracle’ she received (VIDEO)

  • Allisson Lozz shared the miracle she received
  • The soap opera actress was terrified of losing her sight by age 30
  • In the middle of the anniversary celebration with her husband, Allisson Lozz told what the doctors told her

Mijos and mijas friends of the CHACHA, my father God bless brings me here with an encouraging gossip, so get on the couch when it was time for tea and coffee and give us a break to gossip at ease, because today I will tell you about my Allisson Lozz that although she is retired from acting, she was mortified at being able to go blind.

The little girl that we saw grow up in children’s novels and later starred in other and more young women, because she has us with Jesus in her mouth because we already know that she is retired from acting but people continue to remember her fondly and she is already a businesswoman who sells cosmetics and beauty products.

The fact is that a few weeks ago, the mijita from Allisson Lozz had already told us that she had an eye disease that would gradually make her lose her sight and reaching the age of 30, because nothing, she would be completely blind.

I all mortified praying to my father God to save me because she has two children and is very dedicated to her family and go ahead and tell us in a video that she went to the doctor and confessed what they told her.

Through a video on the Instagram account of ‘Univisión Famosos’, the mijita Allisson Lozz appeared very swollen in the face and well, apart from the fact that she no longer gets into exercise and is a mortal saint like all of us, because she cried and cry for what the doctors told you.

After 10 years of living with the anxiety of millets that she would go blind, this past weekend, the ex-actress went to Florida to see some specialists who would tell her what will happen to her sight and the disease that is eating her away …

Allisson Lozz (Instagram)

“Well, today I had my appointment, and I am very happy, a total of five specialists saw me, and they confirmed that I do not have Keratoconus”, was what Allisson Lozz began by saying.

The fact is that the little woman, now a beauty product seller, assured that she will not be blind at 30 as they had told her, but they did detect three other ailments in her eyes, millets … Keep reading …


Allisson Lozz recorded the video telling what happened with the doctors but I see her very much in her role as blind millets and very swollen, but there is an answer:

“What they told me is that they can do a surgery replacing that lens synthetically, so the good news is that no, I am not going to go blind at 30 years or at any age apparently and that makes me very happy …”, he assured the little one.

And then she revealed that she did not stop crying: “It is the good thing, the wonderful thing, I am very grateful to my God Jehovah because imagine, so many years I believed this and to see that there is a solution, wow, it is incredible, I already cried a lot and well I am very happy ”, He confessed.

The mijita commented that she has no plans to undergo surgery soon, because she can wait and people reacted to this:

“God is there near her”, “What a blessing, I’m glad I send you a big hug from Colombia”, “The last thing you lose is hope. God is great. And with your help you will continue to look at the wonderful things that the world has ”,“ Jehovah our God always listens to his servants, everyone who comes close to him knows it. Right Allisson Lozz? “,” She is no longer an artist. He is one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. And Jehovah’s Witnesses do not seek fame, because they know that the only one who deserves glory and honor is Jehovah the creator of the universe. That is why she no longer wanted to know anything about the world. Since it is cruel and full of evil. Ruled by Satan ”,“ What beautiful news ”.

Allisson Lozz blind (IG)

Allisson Lozz blind (IG)

And well, Allisson Lozz’s mijita is neither blind, nor famous, nor anything, she installed as a businesswoman, a business linker, a cosmetician and very much in love with her husband Eliu Gutiérrez whom she loves deeply and with whom she recently celebrated 10 years of marriage and Well, he is going to dedicate himself to celebrate his anniversary.

“The surgery is not something urgent but it is something great to know that there is a solution for my diseases, it is great and there is no rush, there is nothing, well father, now we are going to dedicate ourselves to walking a little, to focus more on our anniversary and thank you for your concern, everyone is asking me from early on… ”, concluded Allisson Lozz.

Allisson Lozz blind (IG)

Allisson Lozz blind (IG)

Well, bless God, my dear, with this little girl who left the artistic environment and looks fuller and very happy with her life and although she says she doesn’t want fame, she still has it because she is remembered with much affection.

Praise our Lord and like her, God bless you, I wish you the best, I send you good vibes and I appreciate you very much, thank you for reading, commenting and sharing millets! Bye bye, LA CHACHA wants you!

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