Thursday, March 4

François Legault is pleased to have been more careful than Public Health

(Quebec) Prime Minister François Legault is pleased to have been more careful than Public Health and to have “saved lives”.

Caroline Plante
The Canadian Press

At a press briefing in Montreal on Tuesday, Mr. Legault said his stricter approach had finally been the right one.

He argued that the rise in new COVID-19 cases after Christmas would have been worse had he not decided to be tougher than Public Health.

The national director of public health, Horacio Arruda, recommended in September to leave open under certain conditions the theaters, cinemas, theaters and restaurants.

His written opinions were unveiled last Friday on the website of the Ministry of Health at the request of opposition parties who wanted to know how decisions were made in the crisis cell.

When you look at what happened after Christmas, well I am happy to have made this decision to be more severe than what Public Health recommended.

Francois Legault

“We can think that it would have been worse in our hospitals if we had opened more places,” he added.

Since the start of the crisis, the members of the Legault government have always ensured that they follow all the recommendations of Public Health to the letter.

Tuesday, Mr. Legault addressed his critics directly.

“I understand that there are some people who find that we are being too careful.

“Indeed, in Quebec, when we compare ourselves, in the majority of cases, we have been more careful than elsewhere. But I am convinced that because of that, we saved lives.

“There were lives that were saved because we were more careful. It’s still not nothing, ”he added.

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